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Can you add an extra handset to your account? IE upgrade a handset while in contract without taking out an extra contract?
who was allowed to mess up the community pages???? i mean blue writing on a blue background nothing is opening up correctly. its like someone pulled the plug? and no this isnt from my mobile, its from my laptop :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((...
This is a fairly new story about galaxy s3 motherboard problems Maybe a constant problem you have may have a cause.
whilst trying to upload my own avatar. i bexame aware of a really nasty side effect of the jb update NO FLASH SUPPORT :((( so looks like I'm stuck with O2 default avatars for my.profile PS so the makers of the community realise how hard it is to wrot...
I have been chatting to friend on Vodafone and he was saying they pay a charge £2.50 a month yo be able to use 0845 calls from their minutes.or something like that.come on o2 can't u do something like that. odd be happy to pay for that.I have to make...
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