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No 4g connectivity on Samsung TabA?


I have purchased a Samsung Tab with O2 SIM for my grand mother. The sim has 12g for 12 months - all activated and ready to use (I have 1 year to use it). The sim works in the tablet in the sense that it allows me to receive O2 authentication codes etc.

But when I try and make calls on WhatsApp/Browse internet etc it states no connection?

I have signal and it states 4G - some reason its not working?!?!

Any ideas?

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Re: No 4g connectivity on Samsung TabA?

@EileenP07 This is from O2: 

Can I make and receive calls / SMS/ MMS on my tablet SIM?


The tablet SIM is data only, so it cannot make or receive calls. If a customer tries to make a call they will just get a long error tone. The tablet SIM can receive SMS, it can also send SMS to O2 Short codes such as WiFi to 2121.


The tablet SIM cannot send any chargeable SMS. Customers will receive SMS alerts about successful top and remaining allowance if their tablet supports this.


The Tablet SIM cannot Send MMS, if a MMS is sent to it, this will be received as a link to the O2 Website, the same way as a device which is not provisioned for MMS.


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Re: No 4g connectivity on Samsung TabA?


Do you have a data allowance available in your MyO2 http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2 ?

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