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Faulty Sim card?

I recently got a replacement phone because my old one was faulty. I have the Samsung A40, same as before. Every few minutes I get an error message saying "No sim card inserted". I have a spare Sony phone and this error message doesn't appear on that phone. I can't call o2 or visit a store due to COVID 19. What should I do?
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Re: Faulty Sim card?

If the sim works in another phone @Emma_giggles95 I wouldn't think it's faulty.

There are various fixes in this guide. Work through it and see if it resolves the issue


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Re: Faulty Sim card?

One thing I did not see in that useful guide that @Cleoriff shared was how to clean the Sim card contacts (similar to when your bank card gets a bit grotty in your purse or wallet)

This articles has some pics about doing this, about half way down:


Good luck, @Emma_giggles95

Only difference I would make is to use a good, clean, Staedtler (or similar) white plastic eraser first, then the ink eraser if that fails to work. 

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Re: Faulty Sim card?

There has recently been an update from Samsung, could it be that? OH needed to power down a couple of times to clear this message​.