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I guess almost everyone knows James Bowen and Bob. Bob died yesterday. It kinda hit me.I met them 2015 in Cologne at a booksigning... In London I never had that luck.
Hey guys.... As it's already 9th november here, it's the day that marks 30 years since the Berlin wall fell.It's one of THE points in German history. Was it big in the news in UK too? My mom always told me she knew exactly what she did back then... S...
Some friend on FB posted it just now. I was a bit shocked as I didn't expected it. Former Formula 1 pilot Niki Lauda died yesterday at the age of 70. @Cleoriff was he still an expert on tv? idk.
Aloha people! As I'm going to order my XR the next days (contract ends 8th this month) I looked up (again) the apple page for the silicon cases from apple themselfs (I had them on 6 and 7 and love them)...But they have them for all models - just not ...
Hey guys. As my contract (my German one) is ending next month, I have to decide what mobile to get next. Sure: It'll be an iPhone. Now I searched on the hp of my network and saw the iPhone X is about the same upfront-price as the XR.-The XS isn't an ...
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