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O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

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  • O2 continues drive for more transparent mobile billing with the launch of an Overpayment Estimator, providing consumers with a quick and easy way to see whether they are being overcharged for their phone contracts
  • O2 is also rolling out new calendar reminders to prompt customers when their contract is about to end
  • O2 CEO Mark Evans calls on industry to improve transparency and trust in the sector

Today, O2 is launching an Overpayment Estimator to put power back into the hands of consumers, providing a quick and easy way for people to find out if they are being overcharged for their mobile contracts. The move aims to change the outdated industry practice of charging consumers for phones they already own.

Customers using the Overpayment Estimator will be asked questions about their current contract, including the device, as well as the monthly and upfront payments they are making, with the Overpayment Estimator providing guidance on how much they could potentially be overpaying per month.

Customers currently in-contract will also be offered the option to download a calendar invitation to remind them when their contract ends.

With custom plans, O2 customers don’t get charged for their phones beyond the end of their contract and, unlike some competitors, O2 will automatically and immediately lower customer bills once a phone has been paid off.

Mark Evans, CEO of O2, said: “It is simply not right that consumers across the UK are being charged for a phone they already own. You wouldn’t keep giving money to your mortgage provider if you’d finished payments and owned your house – so why should it be that way for your phone? The mobile industry does not have the best track record on transparent billing practices.  Our Overpayment Estimator is another positive move towards changing that.”

The introduction of the Overpayment Estimator comes at a time when UK consumers are calling for greater flexibility in their mobile payments. Recent research conducted by YouGov on behalf of O2 found that 81% of Brits feel trapped by fixed term contracts for mobile technology, and 89% agree that operators should make monthly contract payments more flexible.

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Re: O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

So O2 are finally introducing a program that they've been pursuing along with the rest of the networks since the beginning.... Good, good.Smiley Frustrated


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Re: O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

Can't help but think that this is more of a marketing tool to promote the benefits of Refresh and show how standard tariffs are a huge rip off? ?
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Re: O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

Another publicity stunt?
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Re: O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

Customers have waited a long time for such a tool. I can see only benefits in fairness.

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Re: O2 launches its new Overpayment Estimator

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Interesting, thanks @Chris_K

It does not account for O2's up to 3yrs contracts.

It tells me my non-Refresh contract could see me paying £20-odd more than I need to in 19 months time (new contract taken out in Jan-19, so unsurprising).

See my result below.

Let's see how it fares on PAYG... Oh... Looks like it doesn't. 

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