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Caught in a Cancellation Loop: Seeking Fair Resolution

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Hello O2 Community,


I find myself caught in a frustrating loop between Virgin Media and O2, and I'm reaching out here in hopes of finding a resolution. Here's a snapshot of my predicament:


I recently decided to cancel my Virgin Media package, which included an O2 SIM as part of a Volt bundle, following a notification of changes to the service and pricing terms. The offcial email I recieved from Virgin Media states the following.



What are my options now?
If you’re unhappy with anything in this email, you can cancel your package, including the O2 sim in your Volt bundle, any time before 31/10/2023 without paying any early cancellation fees.


I've hit a roadblock. While I successfully cancelled the Virgin Media package, the cancellation of the O2 SIM has turned into a game of ping-pong between Virgin Media and O2, with each directing me to the other. To add to the frustration, I've been informed by O2 that cancelling the SIM would incur an early cancellation fee, which contradicts the terms laid out by Virgin Media.


I am seeking a fair and straightforward resolution to this issue, without being subjected to an unjust cancellation fee. I believe in the power of community to shed light on such issues and to help find a solution.


Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to any advice or assistance this community can offer.


Best regards,



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Just so you know this is not customer services, and there is no one from o2 who can help.


You need to get Virgin to put you through to o2, to cancel the sim card, as o2 wont know anything about the Virgin Cancellation, and you would be surprised at how many people try it on. 


Virgin know this, and should help you to cancel the o2 part.. Now getting VM to do this may be another question. 

You can always try the Virgin Media community as well.
Good Luck

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Thanks for the insight @madasaf1sh.


I wasn't in search of a direct solution from O2 support. My first attempts have been fruitless as outlined. I guess I was hoping someone had been in the same situation and found a magic bullet. VM have today over the phone and in live chat confirmed only O2 can cancel my O2 contract. Even though it was taken out with a VM operator when I renewed in December.


For context VM Live chat operator stated the following today.



'I appreciate sharing that information. I know that this is not the kind of service you wanted. Yes, you have signed up for a Virgin Media Package with an O2 SIM.

Though the O2 SIM contract is on different account which has been set up by our O2 Team and they are the ones who can access it and proceed with your request of cancellation.

I have noted on this as well so as the Manager who will call you back further look into that and provide you better resolution. Though again, any contracts with O2 can only be cancelled though them as it's on a different account.'

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