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I have never experienced such utterly incompetent and frustrating service in my life. I genuinely mean this. I'm not exaggerating.
My phone screen smashed and decided to get an upgrade early and pay off my existing bill. So I called O2 to upgrade and they said that they would send a security code to my phone which I needed to input into a link that they would send me via email. Obviously I cannot see the code, so the agent suggested I go into store and they could help me.
I went into the Stratford branch which was such a bad experience. I had to wait for around 30 minute to be seen, they put me onto customer services in south africa - who were extremely rude and would'nt let me pass security because I didn't know my exact last phone bill. So I wasted nearly up to an hour at this point. Then after all this, the assistants in the shop suggested I swap phones with my SIM, but I had to go by then as it was a Saturday and I had things to do.
Next day I called the upgrade team and I eventually got it sorted by getting the code resent to another phone. I ordered the a52s in black. They said the black was out of stock so they would need 2-3 days to deliver. I waited 3 days and nothing. So I called them to find out what was happening. The agent told me they have now discontinued that colour. So they weren't planning to tell me until I chased them!!!!?

I had to cancel my order and I only could restart it again after 24 hours and go through the whole thing again. So I called them again and got them to reset it, so I could reorder straight away.
I then spoke to another agent, reordered a new colour of the phone for next day.
Then I get an email saying that colour is also out stock and by then its 8pm on the 4th day and their lines have closed.
Totally disgusting service, Im done with o2.
I started the process on the 11/12/21 and now its the 15/12/2021

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I'd upgrade in store then at least you'll know what phones they have available to you.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Its incredible that I have to resort to doing this with o2 because I simply cant trust them to do their job. haha. Yeah I think i'll be cancelling my contract over this one. 

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