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‌🌞 A month full of Summer on the O2 Community ‌🌞

Hi everyone Last year's summer event on the community was warmly welcomed so we thought that the especially hot weather that's been upon us for the past few weeks should be also celebrated again this year. And is there a better way to celebrate summe...

Community Summer 2022 .gif Community Summer 2022 large .gif
RafaC by Community Manager
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Word Association.....

Word Association: Read the previous posters word and then write the first thing that comes to mind. Keep it clean.....!! We'll start with..... Elephant

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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The "What Are You Listening To Right Now" Thread

I was looking for this all over the place but I couldn't find it! Every forum should have one of these! So, here we go! Billy Talent - Red Flag YOUR TURN!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Think we're having bad weather? This is tonight's forecast for the Northeastern US.

Bambino by Level 78: King of Kings
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This should be posted on the Community Home Page but, unfortunately, cannot post on there. In these dreadful times, members of this O2 Community have excelled themselves in their help and support of O2 customers, they are, in my opinion, true heroes ...

Mi-Amigo by Level 45: Knowing
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Thought of the day

As part of the #o2surprise that I received last week, there was a jar of smiles. Many were keen to see what would come out of the jar each day, so here are the ones so far! The one that I picked out on Friday was "If you want to see the rainbow, you ...

gmarkj by Level 59: Quartermaster
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The Virtual Lounge

Anyone here ? [Please see related discussion about "The Virtual Lounge" here]

blissgirl by Level 28: Ingenious
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Lion seen in field in Essex!

Police have announced they were unable to locate the lion reportedly seen in an Essex field. They are continuing the search however in the hope they can locate the witch and the wardrobe!

perksie by Level 69: Guiding Light
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Is your phone unique?

Everyone seems to have the latest smartphone these days but how does one make it unique or personalise it from outside? Well, I think, I may have an answer - matching or compatible mobile accessories... Check this mobile cover which caught my attenti...

iphone case bottle opener
Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Does he think it's Playstation ?

Is Pastor Maldonado too much of a risk for F1 ? Is he a serious incident waiting to happen ? Having been given a 3 place grid penalty for the Spa qualifying incident, he'll take a 10 place penalty for Monza because of his errant ways in the race toda...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Got a Friday feeling? Check this out!

Check this cool gadget - An electronic beer fridge that only opens when all your work is done & dusted. Do you think, it's a great potential for offices to motivate its staff to finish work on time and enjoy by joining the celebration together? Have ...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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News on a mobile app or physical newspaper?

Almost every newspaper company has got a mobile app these days. This is strongly backed by the research which reveals that people nowadays prefer to read/watch news stories on-the-go! Looks like we've entered into an era of digital media with these s...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Whether to wait or buy a phone

Hello! I am bored with my phone, I've had it for 3 years, served me well and is lagging a little. Has anyone bought the Sony Xperia U and like it? I am interested in buying one due to budget restraints, but am put off by the phone memory- I am a heav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Now I'm an immigrant !!

O2MACH2Level 20: OverseerOr it could mean :"a minor official of a parish attached to the workhouse or poorhouse"

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Best apps to help students?

There are many apps these days specially designed for students in mind. They are really useful and handy to be on top of things and revise during exams! From a maths app which covers all algebraic formulas to an Atlas app for checking geographical lo...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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