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‌🎃‌ HALLOWEEK 2021 on the O2 Community ‌🎃‌

Ho, ho, ho. No, sorry, wrong holiday. (But, to be honest, the prospect of Christmas already happening this year may be even scarier than Halloween). Hi everyone ! I'm happy to announce that next week, we'll be having lots of Halloween-orientated fun ...

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 14.18.41.png Halloweek 2021 o2 community.gif
lewys-gp by Community Manager
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This should be posted on the Community Home Page but, unfortunately, cannot post on there. In these dreadful times, members of this O2 Community have excelled themselves in their help and support of O2 customers, they are, in my opinion, true heroes ...

Mi-Amigo by Level 42: Skillful
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Chester The Cat

Last Saturday I adopted a cat becauseI saw a post from Cat Friends of HyndburnI was really touched by his sorry storyI was wanting a cat and he wanted his own homeI've decided that I'm unlikely to go back to Thailand so wouldn't have to leave him wit...

Chester 18.01.20206.jpg Chester 18.01.20201.jpg Chester 18.01.20208.jpg
jonsie by Level 94: Supreme
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Thought of the day

As part of the #o2surprise that I received last week, there was a jar of smiles. Many were keen to see what would come out of the jar each day, so here are the ones so far! The one that I picked out on Friday was "If you want to see the rainbow, you ...

gmarkj by Level 53: Renowned
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The Virtual Lounge

Anyone here ? [Please see related discussion about "The Virtual Lounge" here]

blissgirl by Level 26: Upbeat
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4G network roll out when can people expect to receive it.

Is it true, the roll out of 4G technology will be happening in 2013 and who will benefit from it other than 4G handset users. I realise that HSPA+ is nearly at 4G level close but no cigar. I struggle to get HSPA+ signals although HDSPA is more common...

anticpated by Level 28: Ingenious
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus (2?) coming soon

The good news is that Samsung are producing another Google handset based on the Nexus platform. A general range of improvements rumoured are a 8 Megapixel back and 1.9 Megapixel front camera. It will now include SD storage capability, SuperAMOLED HD ...

anticpated by Level 28: Ingenious
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Remain logged into forum

I was wondering if perhaps I've overlooked some setting, but I'm getting fed up with having to log back into the forum after a very short space of time. I was wondering if anyhone knows a workaround or some setting that perhaps I might have missed th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Facebook woes

I created a security option on my Facebook that I would receive a text whenever I signed into Facebook on a different computer. I forgot to turn off this security feature before I cancelled my mobile phone and moved back to the states. Is there a way...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Network Issues

Anyone else having network issues this afternoon in Wiltshire ? Presently No service for calls, text and internet ....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New phone! Help!

Ive just upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 800. I have just been on the 'My O2' to see when my bill date is. As a result i will be billed this Tuesday. Does that mean on Tuesday i will have my full 300 mins and unlimited texts? Also, will i be able to use ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Nokia Communicator - good ol' days!

Remember this tycoon? This day, 16 years ago it was launched by Nokia which fascinated everyone with its cool features like fax, digital camera, smart messaging, web browsing, serial terminal, telnet and many more... I still have one of them, somewhe...

Nokia Communicator
Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Keyboard short-cuts!

No matter what software or application you use on a PC or laptop, one always is eager to learn and use new shortcuts which make life much easier. What's your favourite keyboard shortcut? My personal favourite is Ctrl + Backspace which I use for delet...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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