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Re: Sport in general

Your boys are absolutely storming it this season @Anonymous, and full credit to them! They're really showing a lot of the old hands how to play fluid, entertaining rugby and it's a joy to watch (so long as we're not on the receiving end, of course! Smiley Wink )


I know it's a little early to call, and everything could potentially change with the Super 8's, however I reckon you've got it in the bag now. Smiley Happy


On the other hand, we're looking forward to a few weeks slumming it, haha. If nothing else it means the away matches will be a bit cheaper, and probably a lot more proper atmosphere than you get with the bigger, more corporate teams. 



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Re: Sport in general

Hi @Wa10 ... I've a bet on Cas winning Superleague ...just £10 at 2/1 ... I thought I aught to show faith Smiley Happy

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Re: Sport in general

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World Snooner Championship 2019 ... at ... The Crucible, Sheffield


The extremely talented 'Rocket' Ronnie O Sullivan crashed out in the 1st round 

In a post match interview he was saying he didn't feel well eg his legs felt like lead, he would have liked a few more days to get over 'the bug' ... mentally he just did what he could ... he didn't look well imhho


My next favourite to watch is 'The Magician' ie Shaun Murphy ... he was well beaten by Neil Robertson who therefore is through to the quater finals

Shaun always interviews well, & has recently opened up to the fact he was left for dead in the school toilets in year 9 at school, a kind teacher found him & took him home to his parents who were not best pleased ... bullying is despicable, Shaun completed his education to GCSE level & at age 36 still remembers those evil school bullies ... he was playing snooker seriously from age 13