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New customer, Number swap, Not happy

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I am a new customer to O2 and my experience so far has not been good. 

All I have been trying to do is swap my old three number over to o2. The request has now been put through 4 times, today being the 4th. 

Previous times they said it'll be done with 24hours and call back if not, each time I phone, after the hard sell, I get an excuse as to why it's not gone through from blaming three as they don't want to let me go to it's more difficult to swap numbers from contract to PAYG. 

The longer this takes the more money I have to give to three as that rolling contract needs to stay open to keep the number I want. If the level of service I have received as a new customer then even thinking of getting a contract is out of the question. 

Today when they put through the request yet again now they are saying it can take 3-5 days instead of the usual 24 hours. Probably because they don't want me to keep phoning. I have checked the information o2 need to swap numbers twice and it's all correct. 

Honestly has this happened to anyone else? Or know why it's not going through? And why no one can give me a straight answer as to why it's happening? 

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The methods for porting are here, @TL80 - Guide: Migration & porting into O2  - and rather than calling, you can chase this up via the O2 Social Media Team (response will not be immediate, but send in your query and ping the odd reminder now and then) at one of the ways in the link just below.

Nobody here can get access to your account as the Forum is made up of customers like yourself.

Good luck!

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