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Millions Overcharged For Their Contracts!

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Re: Millions Overcharged For Their Contracts!

Well O2 had to get something right LOL


Seriously, though how do you not know when your contract ends? I'm already thinking about my next phone and my present contract doesn't end till next April. 


But, at the end of the day the mobile companies should do more to ensure people don't continue to pay for phones, once the contract ends. And to say we contact the customer before the contract ends doesn't absolve them from continuing to accept payments for the device. They could simply stop accepting payments and/or return any overpayments to the customer without waiting for the customer to get in touch with them. But then they'd lose all the interest generated, wouldn't they!

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Re: Millions Overcharged For Their Contracts!

My brother was still paying his contract 18 month after it ended because he never checked bank statements but yep we all know when our contracts are up and companies should stop taking payment.never had that on 02 and his was another network
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Re: Millions Overcharged For Their Contracts!

Having always been with O2 this has never happened to me. Contract end date is shown in My O2. I had my one and only phone+ contract before Refresh was introduced so I knew when that ended.. I then went 12 month sim only, buying the handset outright and I know when I can upgrade. I always look for offers with the plan. so I can't moan about O2.

Not forgetting that O2 always let you know via text and email when your contract is due for renewal.

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