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Celebrating our teachers :)

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Hi guys, happy Friday! Happy Dance


World Teachers Day is held each year on 5th October, since 1994, and it celebrates teachers' important contributions to improving the lives of children and youth around the world, no matter their circumstances, so that they can have a better future. It's also used as a day to draw attention to the unique issues that teachers face and to help them improve.


You can read in more detail about World Teachers Day, what it is all about, its history and importance, on the UNESCO websitethumbsup


Think back to your school/student days for a bit... Did you have a favourite teacher? What subject did they teach? What made them your favourite and what would you say to them if you could speak with them today? slight_smile





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My favourite teacher was a Mr Fitzpatrick who taught history in high school. He was strict but fair and gave me a love for history which has lasted a lifetime.


If I could speak to him today I would say thank you for passing on your love of this subject. It has been a bonus on many occasions.


I was lucky enough to have many good, caring teachers over the years, most whose names I've forgotten. But they taught me a lot which proved extremely useful in my working life. It's amazing what you learn in school that, at the time, you think you'll never use again. But you do, and if nothing else it means you can hold an intelligent conversation occasionally laughing


It's a pity this government, and many previous governments don't rate teachers as highly as they should. Good teachers help to create well-rounded adults of the future.

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I have to thank Mr King. He was a PE teacher at the comp. The guy gave up every single Friday dinner break to teach me to swim. It took me until the 4th year to doggy paddle a few yards, and I’ve never looked back.


Then about 15 years ago, I served him in Argos. I introduced myself, explained what he’d done for me, thanked him, & then leapt over the counter to shake his hand but ended up hugging this old man. He was about 500 years old when I was at school, so I can’t imagine how old he was when I tried to squeeze the life out of him!

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Just caught up with your replies. That's so sweet @Anonymous, what a coincidence that you met him now at the store and lovely to hear you got to thank him. I hope you didn't squish him too hard though. grin


I had a completely opposite experience with my history teacher @Glory1. I wish I had persisted more on that subject despite that though, as I still now feel a bit inadequate when it comes to knowing about our history. Political history especially. My favourite teacher was our English teacher (also seemed 500 years old at the time @Anonymous! rofl ) who was super strict but managed to get (back then not too bothered) me super interested in learning. smiling

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