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Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

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From last year they were Sleeping Beeuties 2018 to



This year 2019  again these little kind and sweet bees have caught me unaware and when I opened

the sleeping box there were a few anxious looking faces!  So up went the boxes sharpish

and they were put on top to feel the fresh air and off they flew ~ they'll be back always

to the same spot they first remember.

These are the boxes facing South in the hot sun.  

WP_20190402_13_03_54_Pro (3).jpgWP_20190402_13_49_37_Pro (2).jpgThis is a box with                                                                                 an emerging bee under the release box top.

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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Wow love it looks so cool and the bee on bottom photo maybe do a David Attenborough and do a video with speech on it and upload to YouTube and then link here lol
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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Thank you !!  @liggerz87 


Well "one" can only try!  smiling


Step by step @Cleoriff had to instruct me how to add a link from last year just now.

So Video and speech may take a little longer especially when they don't hang around

for long!


Watch this space "as they say"  



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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

How sweet @TallTrees! 🐝 Always nice to read about your bees. Felt a bit sad for a second when I read that you let them out because I thought they'd just fly away to stay in some stranger's flowerbeds and that's the last you see them. Glad to hear they come back to the same spot! Smiley Happy

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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Hi @ Marjo
They do fly around my garden and neighbour's gardens too. Of course I am always concerned for them🤗 There is a bench under the boxes, I sit there and watch them coming and going 🙂

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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties


Awesome Smiley Very Happy

Are they living after in that boxes?

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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties


How lovely to hear your Sleeping Beeuties have awakened.

I will follow them with great interest wink

(Congratulations also on posting the link to your other thread) thumbsup


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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Hi @ComaChameleon 

They use the tubes as nests for the next generation of Red Mason Bees,

Usually about 10 little bees to one tube. 

The new generation of red mason bees of 2019 only live until about June/July after they have placed

the new generation of bees into the tubes ready for the following year.

They do use the nesting boxes over night if it gets cold during April - July.

There is a link on my post showing what they look like last year 

about October.

(Thanks to @Cleoriff who taught me how to put in a link heart eyes)


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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Thanks @Cleoriff  very pleased to have learned the "link" !!

The weather has been fabulous for them but

tonight is going to be very cold, so they will

probably pop back into the box.

They are not all out yet it will take a couple of


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Re: Awakening Sleeping BEEuties

Luv hearing about your BEEuties @TallTrees & with pictures too, thank you for posting smiling

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