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We're looking for O2 Priority Research Panelists!

Hello all, hope you're having a good week so far! At O2 we're constantly trying to improve our products with input from our customers. You might have noticed (or even been a part of) some of our various beta trials and product development initiatives...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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FAQs: O2 Priority board

Hi everyone, Welcome to our Priority forum board. Here's some info to get you started: Need help with Priority? This board is here for you to ask questions from other community members and receive answers on everything that you might need help with r...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Resolved! Getting in contact with O2

Hey there, So ive been trying to sort out a contract for the iPhone 11 on the O2 website. They keep declining my card payment even though there is no reason for this, so ive ordered a new bank card. However, i have a £50 pending payment from O2 even ...

Upcoming Priority Offers: 22nd October Onwards

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. It is Thursday which means it is time for the O2 Priority offers. And boy, oh boy- there are some bangers on this week. To see all the current offers, check out the Priority offers website or check out the priority ...

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LukasB by Former Staff
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Upcoming Priority Offers: 15th October Onwards

Hey guys, How are you doing? What a week this has already been. The new iPhone12 is out and we launched our Priority Research Panel (let me know if you like to be part of it). Now it is time to look after ourselves and treat ourselves to something ex...

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LukasB by Former Staff
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Upcoming Priority Offers: 8th October Onwards

Hey guys, It is Thursday and that means it is time for our weekly Priority Offer Highlights. After a week of heavy rain they seem to come just in time. A sweat escape sounds more than perfect to me. What do you think? To see all the current offers, c...

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LukasB by Former Staff
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Hey, I just text that I believe is a scam

Hey, I just got text from number +44 7951 750892,Which I believe is a scam because I pay for all my bills.O2:We were unable to process your latest payment. In order to avoid fees, please update your information via: [link removed for safety]The link ...

Wilfee by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Concert Tickets

Back at the start of the year (roughly around March) I brought concert tickets to see Billie Eilish on the 28th July. Obviously due to COVID this concert was postponed. However, my tickets have now been removed and it’s stating I haven’t purchased th...

CloSmart by Level 1: Joiner
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September Instant Winners is here :)

Hi guys, As @pgn and @gmarkj noticed already the Instant Winners prize draw is here again this week with over 20,000 randomly-allocated prizes (20,101 to be exact) until Saturday 3 October. This time, the prizes have been chosen with a greener and su...

Instant Winners September
Marjo by Former Staff
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Upcoming Priority Offers: 30th September Onwards

Hey guys, It is that day of the week. It is Priority Offers time. But this week is special As - you may have heard it already - Instant Winners is back. But apart from the quick grabs there is more going on. I picked a few things I liked. To see all ...

Instant Winners September.jpg 5f6b33115f1503002f28fc2e-1125x750.jpeg 5f6c75825f1503002f293ee3-1125x750.jpeg 5f734a685f1503002f2aa354-1125x750.jpeg
LukasB by Former Staff
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Resolved! Priority tickets for Paloma Faith, Glasgow

When I log into priority I appear to only be able to get priority tickets for Paloma Faith, Liverpool and I'm looking for Glasgow.

CatMac by Level 1: Joiner
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Upcoming Priority Offers: 24th September Onward

Hey guys, how is everyone today. It is Thursday which means it is time for the good stuff from the O2 Priority Offers. From haircare to fashion and home theatre. O2 has you covered. To see all the current offers, check out the Priority offers website...

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LukasB by Former Staff
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