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Cancelling Your Contract - A Guide

by on ‎14-11-2013 08:43 - last edited on ‎11-09-2020 11:28 by Community Manager (710,709 Views)

Welcome to the O2 Community!

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In light of a few recent threads popping up regarding issues with cancellation I thought it would be good to post this guide to cancellation which would guarantee a pain free cancellation without any issues.


Obviously it is regrettable if you are considering leaving O2 but if you have made the decision to leave, taking the following steps will ensure your termination is as painless as possible.




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You can find an updated cancellation guide, including the PAC/STAC changes that came into place on 1st July 2019, here.



I am still within contract. Can I cancel?


You can cancel at any time but there will be a charge for this unless you are in an initial cooling offer period. If you are on O2 Refresh this charge will be the remaining balance on your phone plan which you can view in myO2. On any other tariff and the fee will be no more than your line rental multiplied by the number of months remaining on your contract. You will need to call up on 202 in order to cancel as on O2 refresh you will need to pay off your phone plan and on any other tariff you will need to pay your early termination fee and O2 may require the payment of this before they action your request in order to cover themselves if you try not to pay the ETF on your final bill.


You would also be advised to follow up your call with a recorded delivery letter just to make sure the request gets actioned


I want to keep my number. How should I cancel?


If you wish to retain your number you will need a PAC code from O2. This can be most easily obtained by calling 202 from your O2 mobile and following the prompts for thinking of leaving O2. Tell the operative you wish to leave and require a PAC code to keep your number. Chances are retentions may try and offer you something to stay but if you are persistent they should eventually issue a PAC although if there is an ETF or a phone plan to pay they may require payment of this before issuing the PAC. This code must be used within 30 days of issue or it will expire and you will need to request a new one.


Give the PAC code to your new network and the port should complete in a day or two. Once this happens your service with O2 will automatically terminate and a final bill will be generated. If you use your PAC before the expiration of your 30 day notice period you may find a charge on your final bill in lieu of notice for the remainder of your notice period.


As the use of the PAC code will terminate your account automatically, there is no reason to follow up the termination request with a recorded delivery letter.


Find out more about how to get your PAC code in our dedicated Guide, here.


I am out of contract and I don't want to keep my number. How should I cancel?


Because a PAC code will automatically terminate service, calling is best if you wish to keep your number. However, if you don't want to keep your number you should write a letter and send this by RECORDED DELIVERY to the following address:


Telefónica UK Limited
Correspondence Department

PO BOX 694


SO23 5AP



If you want a template letter the following is a letter I've used to terminate in writing on 3 before (and believe me if you can avoid calling 3 to terminate you really want to) but is easily adaptable to O2 and other networks







Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to give the required 30 days notice to terminate my contract in respect of the above-referenced account/mobile number.


Please note that this letter has been sent by recorded delivery and therefore notice will be deemed to have been served from the date the letter has been confirmed signed for by Royal Mail. I do not wish to retain my mobile number and do not require a PAC code.


Please confirm IN WRITING that you have actioned my termination request and the date on which my service with you will terminate. I would also ask that you dispense with any retention activity. My decision regarding this termination is final and any attempt to call me to retain me will serve as an annoyance which may reduce the likelihood that I will return to O2 in the future


I look forward to receiving written confirmation of the ending of my contract


Yours Sincerely




Keep an eye on the tracking and make a note when the letter was signed for. Count forward 30 days from this date. This is the date your service should be terminated on. If there are any discrepancies between this and the date you are given you may need to make further contact and check the dates, pointing out that you have proof of when the notice was served. Barring any issues through your service should terminate 30 days from when the letter was received and a final bill will be issued.


Hope the above was helpful should you ever regrettably decide you wish to leave O2 (or indeed any other network)

on ‎04-06-2017 21:32

That's fair enough and I think I would be complaining.  We on here can't see why you can't report a lost/stolen phone or end your contract through My O2.

on ‎04-06-2017 21:35
Nothing is ever easy or simple with o2 these days unfortunately.
on ‎04-06-2017 21:52

@MI5 wrote:
Nothing is ever easy or simple with o2 these days unfortunately.

But new customers or established customers who have never had to interface with O2 Customer Service or O2 online systems don't know that.


This thread is a "Guide" which should have been locked but just look at the unnecessary posts it contains which should have been the subject of new threads

on ‎04-06-2017 21:56

 Yes the thread and other guides should have  been locked but ....

on ‎04-06-2017 23:27

@Beenherebefore wrote:

@MI5 wrote:
Nothing is ever easy or simple with o2 these days unfortunately.

But new customers or established customers who have never had to interface with O2 Customer Service or O2 online systems don't know that.


This thread is a "Guide" which should have been locked but just look at the unnecessary posts it contains which should have been the subject of new threads

Certainly easy to LOCK the guide.....then provide a link for comments attached to the guide? Too simple really...

by Anonymous
on ‎21-07-2017 17:52
I need to cancel my phone service too, and I'm out of contract, don't need PAC etc. Your template letter is great, although I have looked everywhere for my account number and I don't think there is a separate one for O2
on ‎21-07-2017 18:13
You'll find it at the top of your bill page.
on ‎24-07-2017 07:47

Boy am I confused! I have read all 17 pages of this!

My contract ends on 16/08/2017 and I intend to get a SIM only deal elsewhere. I have bought a new (unlocked) phone to use as coincidentally my o2 phone is dying.

I want to keep my number.


It seems from the info here that all I have to do is request a PAC before 16/08, use it on 16/08 with my new provider and there will be no charges from o2 once the new service goes live.


But, why do I need a PAC as I don't need to unlock my current o2 phone, that is going in the bin? 

Can I just have my new provider sort it out by ticking the "I want to keep my number" when I apply for the SIM online?

on ‎24-07-2017 07:52

A Pac code is not for unlocking it is Porting Authorisation Code which allows the number to be transfered to another network two very diferant things Pac and PUK

on ‎24-07-2017 07:57

If you are moving to a new provider you will need them to action Keep your number.

O2's advice is only for use within O2


on ‎24-07-2017 08:01

Thanks @adamtemp64! Here's me think Unlock begins with an A it seems.... Sorry, brain fade.

on ‎24-07-2017 08:06

Thanks @Cleoriff. I had looked at the link you provided but it only refers to bringing a number in to O2.

I am still confused about the need (or not) to provide o2 with 30 days notice. If I go through the "use my existing number" with the new provider on or after the 16/08 then is that good enough to terminate my time with O2?

I appreciate that there may be a few days overlap before O2 gets/actions the request from the new provider, which I will pay for. But will they charge me for a full 30 days rolling contract because I didn't give notice?

on ‎24-07-2017 08:11

You will need your PAC if you move to another provider as in effect you are cancelling your contract with O2


Not sure who you are going to  but this was the advice from giffgaff as an example

  1. Keep your number when you join giffgaff. To transfer your phone number to giffgaff, you first need to ask your old mobile provider for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). ...
  2. Transfer your number to a new SIM. ...
  3. Phone number deactivation. ...



on ‎24-07-2017 08:30

@Cleoriff Brilliant, thanks very much!

by Anonymous
on ‎01-09-2017 16:46
I'm leaving O2 after 13 years so this is a new process for me. Am I reading this right. I'm on O2 refresh so only have to pay off the device plan?
If I was to upgrade today Id have to pay £160 to upgrade early, so this is all I pay to leave?
on ‎01-09-2017 16:55
If £160 is the outstanding device amount, yes, that is what you need to pay.
You also need to give 30 days notice to cancel your airtime (free) but you'll get another bill for the 30 days.
on ‎13-04-2018 23:42
Hello I would like to point out that: today is the second day how not to use your services (ringing, txt internet) contained in the contract between you and me. the terms of the contract between us are: always / everywhere. in the current situation I am forced to: -delay payment (number of days through which services were not provided). - termination of the contract due to the fault of the service provider for failure to meet the terms of the contract. - filing a complaint and applying for compensation / compensation for financial losses incurred due to a lack of services.
on ‎13-04-2018 23:54
@Mat1988 you are not talking to o2 I'm afraid, also the service is not guaranteed 100% fault free, this is covered in the T&C's and is not grounds for none payment or cancellation. PLease contact customer services to discuss your concerns directly http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
on ‎14-04-2018 00:06

Have you made a complaint @Mat1988?

on ‎01-05-2018 16:27
want to leave but o2 have renewed contract without my consent?

Hi new to the forum so I hope its ok to jump straight in and ask a question.


I've been with o2 on the same contract since 2015, wishing to switch to plusnet for their cheaper rolling contract which I can opt out of with 30 days notice.

The problem is that when I paid my monthly bill to o2 on the 23/4/18 they renewed my contract for a further 12 months, I didn't sign anything nor speak to anyone just paid my bill by card over the automated system, which also didn't alert me to saying paying for that month would bind me for another 12 months.

Is this right do I have to pay for the next 11.5 months to escape my contract?

(have my own handset on a sim only deal with o2)

Thanks for any help

on ‎01-05-2018 16:58
on ‎01-05-2018 18:18
After the full term is complete your contract becomes a rolling 30 day contract automatically, it is not renewed for a further 12 months @alvinbkr
‎21-09-2018 20:09 - edited ‎21-09-2018 20:09

I used this template letter, and recieved a follow up letter from O2 which explained they needed the address registered with them (so make sure you use that on any letter you send) as well as DOB and email on the account. I am not sure if these follow up details were because I had not included the correct address originally, but it is worth including in anything going forward or at least ensuring your correspondence address matches the one on O2 records.

Also, I still find it crazy that this cannot be done electronically and also that it is via a community link vs an easy how to guide on their website.

on ‎25-01-2019 20:57

With regard to the template letter and the reference to a PO Box address, the Registered Office of Telefonica UK is:


SL1 4DX 


(Telefonica is company number registered at that address 01743099).


A letter sent to that address will be signed for and you will be able to use Royal Mail's 'Track and Trace' facility to check the date of receipt.


Apologies if somebody has already mentioned this.

on ‎25-01-2019 21:18


Thanks for that. I will mention @davethorp who wrote the guide. He can ask the community managers to open the thread to enable editing.

on ‎25-01-2019 21:24
Cheers for the mention @Cleoriff

I’m not sure there’s any reason to edit it as long as the address in the guide is still valid which it is

Proof of delivery is obtained when sending to a PO Box which is all that’s needed. Sending it to the dedicated correspondence address would probably get it in the hands of customer services who will action the request faster than sending to head office who may have to then internally send the letter elsewhere in the company before it lands in the hands of someone who will action it
on ‎25-01-2019 21:29

That's fine then @davethorp. As long as it's correct, that's all that matters really Smiley Wink

on ‎25-01-2019 21:33
Absolutely @Cleoriff. As long as the letter lands somewhere in O2 and there’s proof of delivery all is good

The address in the guide is fine as is head office
on ‎21-02-2019 08:51
Hi - apologies if you feel that this has been answered, but there seems to be conflicting answers.
Q: On a SIM only annual contract, if you obtain and use a PAC, are you charged the balance of the remaining 12 months?
on ‎21-02-2019 09:08

 @Mike1261 yes you are if leaving O2 but not if you stay and upgrade. 

on ‎21-02-2019 09:21
That’s my understanding of it.
When people are advised that there is no need to give notice because the use of a PAC will terminate the contract, I don’t think that they appreciate that this will result in a months extra charge.
In most cases it’d be best to give notice of termination a months in advance and use the PAC at the appropriate time - which should only end up costing a couple of days charges.
Personally I’ve not had problems getting through to customer services.
on ‎21-02-2019 09:49

Yes, I'd agree with you 

on ‎27-02-2019 23:16
Excellent guide thank you
on ‎26-10-2019 16:48

Hi. Great guide.

In my case, my O2 monthly contract ends on 26 Nov 2019, and I want to switch to a SIM only O2 deal from Carphone Warehouse not purchased direct from O2. (basically cos it is much cheaper)

Do I need to give 30 days notice now, buy the SIM and then ask O2  customer services to transfer the number across after the 26th? Is there an easier way?

Thanks for any advice.

on ‎26-10-2019 16:54


You have to pay up to the 26th Nov but you are no longer required to give notice, so on the 26th Nov you can just ask for the number migration without paying anything else.

You can also choose to do it sooner, but you will get a termination bill to cover the period  until Nov 26th.

on ‎29-10-2019 21:17

Brilliant. Thanks MI5!

on ‎29-10-2019 21:30

You're welcome @Pseudopod 

on ‎23-04-2020 15:38
How can i close my contract,if i am not in the uk, and i lost my number?
Thank you
on ‎23-04-2020 15:40
on ‎01-05-2020 14:36

Hi, my 24 months contract 'ended' more than a month ago. I would like to cancel it right now. I could not find the possibility to do it via the website and my account (I don't want my number anymore, I am not changing network provider either - simply want to get rid of it).

- Is calling 202 the only way to make it? 

- When the contract will be terminated? Do they still need 30 days notice?



Many thanks


on ‎01-05-2020 14:38

No notice needed now @amili 

Best to call them on any of the numbers here

Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

on ‎13-07-2020 11:54

Hi @davethorp ! Sorry but I registered here since I saw the template of letter you used for 3. I just want to ask which Three address did you send the letter to via recorded delivery when you cancelled your subscription with Three? This is my last resort and I find it tiring dealing with them already. I wanted to ake sure I send the letter to the right address. Im having problems cancelling mine through chat or phine they kept on giving me offers to retain me.

on ‎13-07-2020 12:55

Hi @cheenstar 


This guide is actually outdated and the process to cancel on any network was made simpler and it's now possible to cancel just by sending a text message then giving a code to a different network


The updated guide can be found at https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Cancelling-your-contract-An-updated-guide/ba-p/1234852#M...


If you want to send a letter I believe there is an address on Three's website that can be used for correspondence but I'd recommend sending it by recorded delivery so you have proof of receipt. The new text message system is a lot simpler though and I'd use that if you can