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Why were the OnePlus 7 pro and now the Google Pixel 4 left off the O2 range? Anybody have an idea? 2 highly anticipated mobiles by most mobile/tech lovers but no luck on O2. This disappoints me as now I may need to leave O2 in case any future big releases are left off. Don't want to really as I do like O2 as a network in general.
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Re: Exclusions


O2 just tell us that it's business decisions, so we don't know the full story.

Carphone Warehouse will supply them on O2 though, it's just not possible to get direct.

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Re: Exclusions

Who knows the reasoning behind it. I find it strange given some of the phones they actually DO stock.

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Re: Exclusions

Hmmm. That is bizarre. At least if I really wanted I could do CPW. For now I will just stick to 3xl but man I like the 4.
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Re: Exclusions

If you want it,  go for CPW. Of course you won't get Refresh but at least you will have a new phone on a 2 year contract with O2 (and probably cheaper than it would have been had O2 stocked it) @Glenjamin 

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