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Fewer iPhones to be produced after missed targets on origina

Snippet of info from the article:O2 is bracing itself for stock shortages on the upcoming 3G iPhone, with senior executives frustrated that the operator won’t be able to make the most of demand for the new phone. Apple has reduced the production orde...

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Just a thought

I've an idea. If 02 offered the first 100 people through the doors at their flag ship store in London a 18month free contract (and not through cheque back but directly on bill how many people would actually go and quee overnight. Would you take a sic...

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And finally..

Last post from me for tonight... and yes.. they HAVE started to queue at the NYC Fifth Avenue Apple store... and it might not even go on sale there hehehe ... week-early

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Dodgy o2 emails...

Lets compare emails from o2..... if you had any emails regarding the iphone dates, prices times ect... post them lets see how they differ...

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Iphone and Mobile Me discount

A couple of US forums are saying "big pinch of salt" customers have been informed that purchasing the 3G Iphone and a MobileME account at the same time will attract a $30 USD discount on a MobileME account. Not too sure if that will apply to rip-off ...

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Advance Credit Check

I know there are other topics on this but I thought I'd start a new one with a new question --Has anyone tried to get their credit check and stuff done since this 'memo' went out to O2 stores yesterday (or the day before, can't remember).I just wonde...

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Unlimited Data

Does any one know the actual limit on the "unlimited" internet. Also does using starbucks wi-fi class as using the data from your plan or is it free from the store. Mainly for people who have 2G iPhones as they have had experience.Thanks in advance,

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