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Level 15: Gaining a Reputation
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We all know what it's like to get a letter.  For some of us, it's excitement.  For others, it's curiousity.  For me, it's the sign that someone else is in need of help.  Yes, I got a letter from a Mr Martin Ohtoo.  He wrote:

Dear Mr Doink,

I know you are amazing at helping people out when it comes to problems, so I want to know what I should do if I have a phone that doesn't work.  Nothing too long or expensive please, just give me some ideas.

Yours forever,


Whilst being a little too familiar, I had just the opportunity.  I had an HTC One X in front of me that didn't work.  So, I seized the day, my own phone and the HTC One X and found some uses.

As a Lego Minifig Staging Area

Gone are the days when your minifigs don't have anywhere to stand.  Why not use this glossy device as stage?

Door stop
Are you stuck for a discrete way to hold a door open?  Look no further.

Impromptu mirror
My daughter told me that she does this with her Hudl.  She's 8.  I asked why she didn't use the camera on the front and she said I was stupid and to go away.  That's kids for you.

Last of all... a paper weight!
With the UK now into its rainy and windy season, keep the window open and those papers down with this handy device.


The HTC One X performed all of its tasks effortlessly, putting minimal strain on its processor and RAM.  The device felt good to use and completed everything without depleting the battery.  For all these jobs being done so well, I give the phone 8 out of 10.

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