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How do I know my Community reward has been applied?

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Not only is the o2 community an awesome place to be, but there are also a number of perks - on top of helping others and the competitions that are run here!

One of those are the community rewards that are given out once a month to those that helped others, either by answering questions, writing or contributing to guides or reviews and being active members of the community.

Unfortunately, some of the o2 website is a little confusing (or at least, not as simple/straightforward as it could be) which makes finding out if the reward has been applied a tricky task.

Well, no more! Follow the instructions below and you will see if your reward has been applied before your bill has been produced.


First, you will need to navigate to the detailed bill page.

To do this, follow the awesome guide that someone has written that shows you how:

How do I get to the Download Bill page


Once you get there, there is a link on the left that says "Recent charges" - this shows all activity on your account since the last bill. Guess what? Under that section you will see your community reward!


This is what mine looks like at the minute:


recent charges 2.jpg


As you can see, there is no reward on my account currently.


Below is a screen shot borrowed from another member that has one (thanks again @jonsie!)




I hope that is useful to anyone that is struggling to find their reward for this/last month and their bill hasn't come out yet.