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How do I know my Community reward has been applied?

by on ‎09-08-2018 09:26 (40,949 Views)

Not only is the o2 community an awesome place to be, but there are also a number of perks - on top of helping others and the competitions that are run here!

One of those are the community rewards that are given out once a month to those that helped others, either by answering questions, writing or contributing to guides or reviews and being active members of the community.

Unfortunately, some of the o2 website is a little confusing (or at least, not as simple/straightforward as it could be) which makes finding out if the reward has been applied a tricky task.

Well, no more! Follow the instructions below and you will see if your reward has been applied before your bill has been produced.


First, you will need to navigate to the detailed bill page.

To do this, follow the awesome guide that someone has written that shows you how:

How do I get to the Download Bill page


Once you get there, there is a link on the left that says "Recent charges" - this shows all activity on your account since the last bill. Guess what? Under that section you will see your community reward!


This is what mine looks like at the minute:


recent charges 2.jpg


As you can see, there is no reward on my account currently.


Below is a screen shot borrowed from another member that has one (thanks again @jonsie!)




I hope that is useful to anyone that is struggling to find their reward for this/last month and their bill hasn't come out yet.

on ‎09-08-2018 09:48

Super guide, @gmarkj! And @jonsie 👍

by Community Manager
on ‎09-08-2018 10:18

Fantastic guide @gmarkj! This will be super helpful, especially for anyone who's received their first reward. We'll include this in the monthly rewards post each month. smiling

on ‎09-08-2018 11:49
Also you can check my o2 it will show up on that
on ‎11-08-2018 10:28

Good guide @gmarkj. Just wondering who wrote the 'other awesome guide' you mention? Thinking

Certainly will help new members to check out their Reward.

It can also be found here if members dont wish to navigate to the Download bill page


on ‎11-08-2018 17:31

Nice guide. Well done smile

on ‎22-08-2018 09:08

Well I know that my July reward is on my account as it shows up when you check using the download bill method.

However I cannot see the screen you have above @Cleoriff - is that the app or website?


Also when I tried to click reply against your message it asks if I want to delete your post!

If you hover the mouse over delete and reply they appear to be the same option.

One to feed back to Lithium @Martin-O2 @EmilieT @Marjo ?

‎22-08-2018 09:24 - edited ‎22-08-2018 09:56

@gmarkjIt's on the website in My O2.

Click on 'View Bill'  and it takes you to 'Summary of Charges' and it's in that section.

My bill isn't due till tomorrow so there is nothing showing today


PS... I don't get the option to delete anything.

This is probably due to it being your thread/post. Either way I don't think you should have that option...so obviously some sort of glitch (or they have made you a Mod/Admin) Smiley Wink

on ‎22-08-2018 10:25

Ah, I get it - this is once the bill has been generated.

I thought you meant you could see it before the bill was produced.


on ‎22-08-2018 10:33

Haha @Cleoriff if @gmarkj was our new team member we would probably have let him know in advance in some other way than this joy  I'll send you a PM to get the glitch sorted! Smiley Happy 


Awesome guide by the way if I didn't say that before. Very helpful - I'm going to link to it from the Rewards info topic too. thumbsup

on ‎22-08-2018 10:36

That was very quick @Marjo the option to "delete reply" (which I am guessing is what it was, rather than "delete" or "reply") has gone!

Can I be paid in doughnuts please? I'm not a fan of peanuts...

on ‎18-09-2018 12:09
Hi there, I was awarded a bronze award for last month (August) and was informed of the credit on 5th September in a PM reply. I am on the new classic 321 PAYG tarrif. I cannot see if the reward has been added anywhere on my portal as there is no "Show my bill" section and I am not aware of any uplift to my PAYG balance over the last few weeks. Will I get any kind of confirmation of the credit and is thee anywhere I can check myself? Many thanks Paul
on ‎18-09-2018 12:10

@EmilieT can check for you.

on ‎18-09-2018 12:12
OK thanks. I will wait for @EmilieT to do her magic... :-) Paul
on ‎18-09-2018 14:56

Hi guys, I've just posted an update in the August rewards topic here. @Smipx we're still waiting on the rewards to be applied, however I'll drop a note in the August rewards topic to update everyone when I hear that they've been added so you can get an update there. It normally takes a few weeks as the team adds the rewards manually for everyone, however apologies for the slightly longer delay this month as it's been a super busy period lately.

‎05-10-2018 16:00 - edited ‎05-10-2018 16:01

Thought I would just mention that I also followed the (somewhat tortuous) "How to" guide to see my reward but after checking over the last month found nothing!  I have now been told that there has been a delay confirmed by Marjo in this message chain and realised that there is no mention in the guide if you can't find an expected credit!


Perhaps some mention ought to be made as to what the 'normal' time would be for a credit to appear as well as perhaps, what to do if nothing appears (Look on this post or PM one of the team).  As a 'newbie' myself I had no idea as to when I should expect or what to do if nothing seen.


Just a suggestion !wink

on ‎05-10-2018 16:39

Hi @cglover2, cheers for your feedback and suggestion to clarify the timing for when the reward would appear. It seems from your post that you had some additional trouble following this guide. I'd love to hear what part you found challenging and if you have any suggestions on improvements? Unless it was just the clarification around what to do if there are any delays like we had this month.

Cheers! Smiley Happy

on ‎06-10-2018 09:18

Does the Month refer to the month in which the award is paid, or the month preceding, in which the reward was earned?  October Reward this month is really September Reward, n'est ce pas?

on ‎06-10-2018 10:17


My bill is generated on the 23rd of the month...so any reward shown is for the month before.

‎06-10-2018 10:34 - edited ‎06-10-2018 10:34

This is a reply to Marjo's comments:

First the 'how to' guide starts by referring you to a different 'how to' guide (How do I get to the download bill page). Following this is difficult because it would appear that page formats have changed as mine do not look like the examples! Most significant difference is that near the end it states "Right at the bottom is the link to download your bill for saving or printing." But on mine it was right at the top, so I had already gone past it!!


Finally, in this post, there are alternative suggestions that appear more straightforward to see the credit.


However, nowhere is there any comment on what to do if it isn't there! Because of the differences mentioned above, I assumed I had done something wrong and ended up on the wrong screen.


I'm sure that maybe after a few times of looking I will get more familiar with finding this anonymous credit (it doen't say what it is for), but I would think the 'how to' guide being aimed at 'newbies' like me should be simpler, self contained and up to date, covering not only the expected but what to do if the unexpected occurs.


I don't mean to sound negative and I wouldn't have given this commentary except being asked by Marjo!


LONG LIVE THE COMMUNITY! I would have struggled even more without it!!

on ‎06-10-2018 11:10

That's another way of looking at it I guess (having scrolled down through all the comments, @Marjo, to actually read your comment, @Cleoriff!) Astounded

on ‎06-10-2018 11:25

@cglover2The thing to remember (if on contract) that you wont see any reward applied UNTIL your bill is generated. Mine is always on the 23rd, so once I get the email which says my bill is ready, I check the bill and look to make sure my reward is applied. Incidentally the reward is for your activity on the community for any given month. wink

on ‎06-10-2018 14:21

That may be so, my bill date is 3rd of the month, had a community reward for August, still nothing shown, Martin and Marjo advised me of issues because of volume and that August and September would be paid together.  Today I can see a credit titled 'Goodwill Promotions' no date just the title and a negative value (i.e. credit) Assume this is August but still not sure, also still don't know when to expect the September credit or indeed if this is September and the August is missing.


As I said earlier this may be beause this is only my second/third full month bill so I am still getting used to things but it is just very difficult to follow everything (Virtually impossible without this community!)tongue winking