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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - My Thoughts.

by on ‎27-02-2020 04:56 - last edited on ‎02-03-2020 15:49 by Community Manager (2,354 Views)

I got the Galaxy Tab S5e yesterday to replace my Tab S4 that had seen better days and I've got to say how much I prefer it!

I always saw the Galaxy Tab S5e as being a mid range tablet that looked good but probably wouldn't be the best solution for me because I prefer the high end devices but I was wrong, it's perfect!

The screen may not have quite as many pixels as it's predecessor, the Tab S4 but it's nothing major. The screen quality is excellent and nothing looks pixelated at all.

The audio is out of this world! The speakers are far better than what's on the Tab S4. You don't really need an external speaker, everything is loud, crisp and there's good bass too! Certainly the best bass I've ever heard on a tablet before!
As a result of this louder volume, when connected via Bluetooth to my Google Home speaker or when connected to other speakers I have, the volume is much louder and clearer than it was on the Tab S4.

I much prefer the aluminium back on the Tab S5e to the glass back on the Tab S4, it doesn't get full of fingerprints and looks and feels more premium.

It's so thin and light to hold that you don't even know you're holding it. I've sat typing on it while holding it like a phone for quite some time and didn't have the urge to put it down like I would with the Tab S4 because it's quite heavy in comparison.

This device has a fingerprint reader built into the power button which I quite like because the button is now a different shape to the volume rocker so you're not accidentally pressing the power button instead of the volume and vice versa.
The fingerprint scanner seems to be working well so far, no complaints there.
There is also face recognition as well as pattern and pin etc.

I've ordered the Book Cover case for it which looks very nice.

All in all, if you're looking for a tablet that looks and feels premium but isn't as expensive as the Tab S6 then this is the one for you to get!
Samsung are also doing a promotion where they're giving new Galaxy Tab S5e customers £50 cashback. What's not to like! Smiley Tongue

on ‎27-02-2020 10:25

Great to hear your thoughts @SamsungFanBoy  It sounds like a nice piece of kit wink

What screen size is it?

by Anonymous
‎27-02-2020 10:52 - edited ‎27-02-2020 10:53

Do these things come with 4G or are they just WiFi?

on ‎27-02-2020 15:13

Sounds good, nice recommendation smiling

on ‎29-02-2020 07:05

@Anonymous yes they come with 4G compatibility when purchased from a carrier such as O2 Smiley Happy

on ‎29-02-2020 07:06
@Cleoriff it is, I love it. Smiley Happy
on ‎29-02-2020 07:07
@jonsie I'm really pleased with it Smiley Happy
on ‎04-03-2020 11:53

Thanks for writing up a review of your thoughts on the Tab! I've just caught up and had a read through. Do you take pictures with it too or do you use other devices for that purpose, @SamsungFanBoy ? Smiley Happy

on ‎04-03-2020 11:56
@Marjo I don't use my tablet for photos, I never have. I've always used my phone for photos. I just prefer to do that. Smiley Happy
‎04-03-2020 20:43 - edited ‎04-03-2020 20:44

Gotta have good sound... I wonder how they do it in something so thin? 


Nice write-up, @SamsungFanBoy

on ‎13-03-2020 01:01
@pgn the AKG technology in the 4 speakers on it. Gotta love a bit of German technology Smiley Wink
on ‎22-02-2021 21:58
I take photos with my Samsung Galaxy Tap s5e and they come out very good.