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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 16GB 4G 10.1 - Try The Tech ~ User Review.

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Device name : Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 16GB 4G 10.1.

By : BandofBrothers.


Tab 3 Pic 1.jpg


The manufacturers specifications and more Product Information can be found here :


I would like to start this ‘Try The Tech’ Review with a respectful Thank you to  @Toby , @Anonymous and @Marjo our O2 Community Site Management, and 02 for permitting me once again to get my teeth into reviewing a device via the ‘Try The Tech Programme’, a gadget which I normally wouldn't have played with.  Thanks!

To join this programme and perhaps try a device out yourself then just keep an eye out on the forum board here :  ,and put your name forward via a Private Message to Toby when he announces a new Phase of reviewing, and put yourself forward for a device(s) that interest you - Its as easy as that.  

As with all the devices I review I retire my own phone and use this one as my primary option, with all its specs turned on to enjoy the fullest experience I can, and to give a balanced piece on it.

However in this instance due to the size of this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 4G 10.1 ,and the nature of the work I do I have this time retired my iPad Air, and used it mainly at home and only taking it out to coffee shops.


The design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 4G 10.1 oozes quality and solid workmanship, and its just so thin and light to handle.

I did raise an eyebrow when I first caught sight of the plastic rear shell but I need not have been alarmed as it didn't detract from the device in any way - although I believe this did make the tablet a little slippery to handle.

This is the first time I have tackled a tablet that can also be used as a phone that also is a device that cannot be used one handed. Was I put off by this - absolutely not. It was simply a joy to use.

The 10.1 screen is equipped with 1280 x 800 resolution with a very bright clear display. The devices Internal memory is 16GB, which can be expanded up to 64GB, via Micro SD Card slot and the Ram is a very impressive 2GB.

The power on/off button is very tactile as is the volume rocker switch which are both located on the top edge of the tablet.The Micro SD card and Sim Card Slots are located on the top edge of the tablet. The Micro USB port is located in the middle on the bottom edge of the tablet. Speakers are located on the left hand and right hand edges offering stereo sound. Earphone 3.5mm jack is located on the left hand edge near the top.

Operating System & UI.

What I found under its hood was stock Android 4.2.2  - 1.6GHz dual core processor.

The tablet accepts a Micro Sim Card.

Phone Calls , Texts, Internet and General Usage.

The boot up and power down times are fast and the screen is responsive and quite fast.

It handled YouTube videos and streaming with no issues.

I made a few outbound calls and also received inbound calls which were clear for both myself and the person I was calling, and the loudspeakers located on both the left hand and right hand edges performed very well. I didn't experience any distortion at all.  

The menu touch capacitive button, physical home button and back capacitive touch button are very responsive, but the button areas are too large, and this can cause issues. I found that when resting it on my lap even my shirt would activate the buttons.

The keyboard was easy to use in sending text messages and writing posts on forums and is quite responsive.

Internet Connection was strong and 4G is fast. The internet experience was a breeze to use and buttery smooth in most aspects. That said it didn't feel as snappy as my iPad Air and found myself having to wait that little bit longer for it to access pages, and record some button presses.

Wifi connectivity both to my Home Broadband Router and the Coffee shops I frequent along with our free City Centre Wifi gave me no issues ref drop outs.

I also found the screen to be readable in sunny conditions outdoors and was just as fine indoors too. The clarify of fonts and vibrant colours complemented the tablet screen specs.

The tablet pushed my e mails and notifications to me from my server with ease, which is something that is a ‘want and need’ from any communication device I use.

The Apps available from GooglePlay were the usual affair of useful, eye candy and dross.

The tablet coped very well with games I tried out. As usual I played Fifa 14, which pushes most devices to see if it offers a good gaming experience.

The ringtone alerts were loud and clear again something which is a want and need due to the environment I work in. {although as i said earlier I did not take this to work due to the environment i work in}

This tablet has so many features you can set up its amazing and makes the device a joy to use. SmartRemote was handy to use.


I turned on every spec within the tablet and used it as my primary device and found that it gave me around around a days usage. {Please take into account I had everything turned on in the Tablets settings, e mails set to push every 5 minutes, and used it quite heavily} 

In my opinion I don't want to turn this and that spec off, and reduce screen on times etc, and rush what I'm doing before the screen times out etc. I want to enjoy what the device brings.


The camera has a 3MP camera which is enough for me when i need to capture that ‘special moment’ picture. The front facing camera is 1.3MP. Okay its not the best the market can deliver, but it was good enough for what I as a casual picture taker would ever need.


As a regular commuter on public transport all I ask is for a decent experience whilst listening to my tunes, which the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 provided very well. Their are lots of bells and whistles for one to play around with within the music settings if you deem its warranted.


I found the usual affair of weird and wonderful expensive and low cost sleeves and cases for this tablet on well known selling sites, and on the high-street.

Here is an example of a pouch.


 tab3 pouch - Front_black_thumb.png

The Good for me about this Tablet.

Quality of workmanship.

Light to handle.

Very decent display.

Good Performance overall.

Very Responsive Screen.

Battery gave approx a days usage..

Micro SD Card Slot up to 64gb.




The Not so good for me about this Tablet.

Non removable Battery.

Slippery to hold.

Capacitive Buttons area are too large causing accidental activations.

Price could be a dealbreaker.


My Rating out of 10.




I would very happily use and own this tablet.


Pictures to help show how the camera performed.

Subject Name : Taylor.  Cat




Taylor getting nosy - sorry for the quality but was worth adding  Weird



I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed reviewing this Tablet.