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Honor 20 Pro review

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So the Honor 20 Pro seems to be awesome when you look at all the specs: Fast processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, big IPS screen, big "all day" battery, hole in the screen for your 32MP selfie cam and 46 (4) cameras on the rear including a 48MP sensor with 3x zoom and (for some reason) a 2MP macro sensor. Phew. I'm exhausted typing that all out and want to get drunk. The only things it seems to be lacking is wireless charging and a headphone socket - but you do get a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and a headset in the box.


So I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm quite impressed. The screen is as good as you can get for a non-OLED screen, the bettery life is pretty good, I'd say "all day" is definitely not a misnomer, and it's definitely no slouch - it's noticably faster than my LG V30 from two years ago, it browses some websites that would pause on the V30 without a sweat - the few games I've tried run like melted butter. I was expecting the UI to be awful, but it's honestly not too bad, the included standard apps (calculator, calendar etc.) are pretty bare bones and functional - I've replaced the launcher with Nova and a dark theme (you can't activate dark mode in the settings, annoyingly, that's reserved for Huawei's OLED display phones) and it feels as stock android as you can get.  The only thing that lets it down is that Huawei have made the settings hard to navigate, imo.


The design of the phone is beautiful - I got the "black" one and it's a weird holographic purple - people just love the look of it. The only thing that's concerning is that the cameras poke out noticably from the rear - you need a chunky case to bulk out the rest of the phone to ensure that the lenses won't get whacked when you slem the device down on a table.


The camera is ridiculously powerful but easy to use - it defaults to taking 12MP shots but you can bump that up to 48MP, the optical zoom is pretty damn magical and smooth (but annoyingly it's hard to stop it exactly at 3x, meaning you sometimes delve into the digital zoom without realising). The macro mode actually blows my mind - I took a picture of a tiny spider at the weekend and the picture is so clear you can see the hairs on it's body.


Call quality is miles ahead of my old LG. Very rarely get call beakup on my 12 mile A-road commute whereas my LG got choppy even ina good signal area, it's less finicky about connecting to my decade old Nissan stereo. I have it connecting to a bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter for audio so I can stream music to my car's Aux socket and simultaenously connect to the Nissan radio for calls (since the Nissan radio doesn't let you play media) and it works flawlessly.


I'm really impressed by the design and function of this phone - for the price you just can't beat it. It's also on some ridiculously cheap o2 new and upgrade contracts if you're prepared to play the cashback game from the usual online suspects.


Oh, last thing to mention is that Huawei put a screen protector on the phone for you from the factory. It's the veritable icing on the proverbial cake, imo.


Highly recommended and should Huawei get approval to put google services on future phones this will definitely not be my hast Huawei/Honor device.