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Roaming in Turkey and Cyprus

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One of the many questions that is asked in the Forum is regarding Roaming in Turkey and Cyprus.


First lets start of with Cyprus. 


CYPRUS: is split into North and South, North being Turkish and South being Cypriot.

However there are a number of things you need to take into account.


Southern Cyprus is in the EU and therefore you can use you normal everyday allowence if you have one, or charged as per the UK rates.

Networks in Southern Cyprus are:

CYTA (Cytamobile)




Northern Cyprus is Turkish and therefore not covered by EU, so there are no special rates other than Normal Roaming Rates. Turkish Rates which are in the “Turkey” Section of the information

Networks in Northern Cyprus are:



KKTC TELSIM which is Vodafone Turkey.  But for legal reasons they can’t be called Vodafone in Northern Cyprus as they have a Vodafone already in Southern Cyprus and this would confuse things. CYTA is Vodafone in Southern Cyprus. 

Its very confusing in Northern Cyprus

KKTC stands for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.




UK has Soverign Base areas. But there are no UK Networks present.


So when Roaing in Cyprus please ensure the mobile picks up a Cypriot network and not a Turkish one so you are not charged Expensive Roaming Charges.




Networks are





Now even though Turkey is classed as part of Europe and Asia, its not in the EU (European Union)

Therefore normal roaming charge apply for PAYG. There are NO O2 Travel Boltons, (These are for contract only)

As you can see from the O2 Website. Turkey is not Covered on PAYG for O2 travel and normal rates apply


These are the rates for PAYG

As you can see there expensive. 




I really hope the above helps and all makes sense and can be found useful.


The only UK Network that covers Turkey as part of EU Roaming (Which is Confusing) is VODAFONE UK

This is because Vodafone have a presence in Turkey and Northern Cyprus as VODAFONE TR (Turkey)

So both PAYG and Contract are covered with their own allowence.


EE and Three do not cover Turkey and Northern Cyprus in their allowence and Roaming is charged accordingly.


Information was correct as of today when this article was published