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Guide - How do I find my own mobile number?

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Hi there!

This is one of our most-viewed guides! If you landed here in search of info on what your mobile number is, would you mind letting us know some details on why you're searching for this, in our feedback topic here? We'd like to gather some insights to understand the issue better. Thanks a lot in advance!

- O2 Community Team

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Someone asks you for your number, the mind goes blank. Who dials their own number, right?

Well, fear not: There are 5 fairly simple methods, and one not-so-direct one, to find out what your own phone number is...  Well, OK, ease is relative, but take a look below and see which suits you best!



1) If you own a PAYG phone, the phone number is printed on the PAYG SIM pack, as shown (partially redacted) below:




2) If you don't have the SIM pack but do have credit, you can call a friend or associate and the number will show up on the recipient's phone:




3) If you don't have your SIM pack OR any credit, O2 Live Chat can get the mobile number, when you ask, but you will need to quote your SIM serial number. This requires you to open the SIM carrier on your phone and carefully remove the SIM card.

  1. The location of the SIM number on a standard SIM card (and on the card the SIM came with) is shown here:
  2. The SIM number location on a Micro or Nano sim is shown below:
  3. The link to “O2 Live Chat” can be found here:
    Screenshot 2022-10-24 155833.jpg


4) Text the word NUMBER to 2020 – it's free to send this text and O2 will reply with your phone number, as shown here:



5) There should be an option to see My number in your phone’s menus.


  1. On an Android-based phone, you can see if your number is listed in
    Settings > About phone > Status > SIM Status > My phone number > 
    However: Dependent on the software version, it may or may not show a mobile number.

    Also please note this menu path may vary depending on the Android phone, and the version of Android, in question -  the menus all differ slightly.

  2. If you’re an iPhone owner, navigate to Settings > Phone and My Number will be the first field on the list:



6) It is listed at the very top of the MyO2 app opening screen:





And lastly, if anyone tells you that you can get your telephone number by looking up your phone’s IMEI number (often listed on the package your phone came in), don’t believe them - it’s not impossible, but requires access to telco’s equipment at a level that normally neither you nor the telco have.