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All madasaf1sh's Badges

madasaf1sh has earned 44 badges!
  • Topic starter
    Topic starter
    Earned by 60,740
    Thanks for posting your first topic on the community!
  • First Words
    First Words
    Earned by 28,902
    You've made your first reply. Thanks for taking part!
  • Kool
    Earned by 7,248
    Someone liked your post and has awarded you a Kudos! Great job!
  • A Hero Born
    A Hero Born
    Earned by 1,053
    One of your answers has been marked as a solution! Great work!
  • One Year Anniversary
    One Year Anniversary
    Earned by 47,024
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!
  • Let's be friends
    Let's be friends
    Earned by 3,678,757
    Thanks for adding your name to your profile. Only a few more steps and your profile is complete.
  • Conversationalist
    Earned by 447
    You've reached 5 topics! Thanks for your contribution.
  • Familiar Face
    Familiar Face
    Earned by 1,053
    10 replies! It's great to have you taking part in conversations!
  • Kool As
    Kool As
    Earned by 267
    You've received 10 Kudos. The community likes what you're posting. Keep it up!
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    Earned by 80
    You're up to 5 accepted solutions! Keep the quality posts coming.
  • Two Year Anniversary
    Two Year Anniversary
    Earned by 29,812
    Congratulations on your two year anniversary!
  • Autograph
    Earned by 388
    You've personalised your community signature! You can update this at any time in your personal settings.
  • Feature Writer
    Feature Writer
    Earned by 174
    Great job! You've posted 10 topics on the community. Thanks for getting involved.
  • Keep the Conversation Going
    Keep the Conversation Going
    Earned by 410
    You're up to 25 replies! We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
  • Koolio
    Earned by 130
    25 Kudos! Your posts are getting noticed.
  • Problem Solver
    Problem Solver
    Earned by 57
    10 solutions = 10 different people's days you've improved by helping.
  • Three Year Anniversary
    Three Year Anniversary
    Earned by 21,615
    Congratulations on your three year anniversary!
  • Getting to Know You
    Getting to Know You
    Earned by 115
    This badge is for filling in your Biography. Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself!
  • Contributor
    Earned by 68
    You're up to 25 community topics! Congrats!
  • Chatterbox
    Earned by 223
    Congratulations on reaching 50 replies! Keep up the good work!
  • Koolaid
    Earned by 76
    You're up to 50 Kudos! Your posts continue to be popular!
  • Guru
    Earned by 39
    Someone who is obviously wise and selfless. You've hit 25 solutions!
  • Four Year Anniversary
    Four Year Anniversary
    Earned by 14,597
    Congratulations on your four year anniversary!
  • Looking Sharp
    Looking Sharp
    Earned by 1,066
    You've added a face to the name! Thank you for uploading a profile picture.
  • Socialiser
    Earned by 42
    That's 50 topics posted! Thank you for your continued participation!
  • Top responder
    Top responder
    Earned by 88
    Wow, 250 replies! The community appreciates how involved you are!
  • Kooler
    Earned by 55
    Your posts are really standing out! You've received 100 Kudos from other members.
  • Walking Encyclopedia
    Walking Encyclopedia
    Earned by 23
    The big 50. The community is so lucky to have you.
  • Five Year Anniversary
    Five Year Anniversary
    Earned by 11,668
    Congratulations on your five year anniversary!
  • Six Year Anniversary
    Six Year Anniversary
    Earned by 9,170
    Congratulations on your six year anniversary!
  • Completed it Mate
    Completed it Mate
    Earned by 48
    Fantastic job! Your community profile is now complete!
  • The Gift of The Gab
    The Gift of The Gab
    Earned by 63
    You truly do have a gift! Congratulations on hitting 500 replies.
  • Kool Kat
    Kool Kat
    Earned by 21
    You've reached 500 Kudos! Congrats!
  • Double O Solved
    Double O Solved
    Earned by 18
    You're now a solutions agent in the community.
  • Seven Year Anniversary
    Seven Year Anniversary
    Earned by 6,968
    Congratulations on your seven year anniversary!
  • Eight Year Anniversary
    Eight Year Anniversary
    Earned by 4,557
    Congratulations on your eight year anniversary!
  • Public Speaker
    Public Speaker
    Earned by 50
    You've just hit 1000 replies! Millennium and counting from this point on.
  • Kool Beanz
    Kool Beanz
    Earned by 16
    1000 Kudos! An amazing achievement!
  • Licence to Solve
    Licence to Solve
    Earned by 10
    Now you're not only a special community not-so-secret agent, but you've been granted the licence to solve.
  • Nine Year Anniversary
    Nine Year Anniversary
    Earned by 1,861
    Congratulations on your nine year anniversary
  • Ten Year Anniversary
    Ten Year Anniversary
    Earned by 434
    Congratulations on your ten year anniversary!
  • Dependable
    Earned by 19
    5000 replies. That's 5000 times you've made someone's day better by replying.
  • Sherlock
    Earned by 10
    Hello there, detective. You know the answers to the toughest questions. 1000 solutions!
  • Eleven Year Anniversary
    Eleven Year Anniversary
    Earned by 67
    Congratulations on your eleven year anniversary!