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Community Spotlight: PhoneChanger

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Community Manager
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Hi everyone wave


It's been a while that we had a Community Spotlight here on the Community, with the last one featuring our very own @LukasB . And now we are finally back and are super excited to shine the spotlight on @PhoneChanger, who has been a member of the community since 2013.


Thank you for taking the time to answer a couple of questions that help us to get to know you a bit better @PhoneChanger and thank you for being such an important part of this community hugging



What’s your name and where are you from?

Andrew, i'm from Manchester


Why did you join and stay on the community?

Initially joined as when reading peoples questions and concerns I was able to answer their questions, stayed on due to the sense of community, everyone is friendly and helpful, and the topics range from questions to quizzes, and there is always plenty of opportunities to get involved. I've been fortunate to be included in a few trials (O2 Home for example), which have allowed me a great insight into the world of O2.


What was your first mobile phone and which phone do you currently have?

Wow, good question! my first ever phone was a Vodafone MN-1 MX-3204 in gold. Now I have an iPhone 12 Pro in blue


What’s your favourite TV show or movie?

I think in another life i'm a stunted chef, as my favourite shows are baking / cooking shows (Bake off, etc), favourite movie has to be Field of Dreams, I think i've seen it about 40 times and have it on pretty much every format.


What’s your favourite animal and why?

Dolphins, just because of how inteligent they are


What website or app doesn’t exist, but you really wish it did?

No idea on this one.... If I think of it i'll try and create it 🙂


What luxury is totally worth the price?

Mobile phone, its more of a nesessity these days, but its worth the price, many high end devices have now replaced having to carry a lot of extras with you, they all have cameras, productivity applications, internet access, entertainment etc. Imagine back in the day when you had to carry a camera (with film), walkman, etc (yes i'm old enough to remember all this)


If you could go anywhere this Summer, where would you travel to?

If we could we'd love to go back to Disney World in Florida, can't wait for out little ones to be a bit older so we can take them.


What’s the one food you would never give up?

Crisps (most flavours)


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Love learning something new, and spending time with the family, having a little one at 2, and another on the way its amazing to be able to see the world through their eyes, we like spending time outdoors, walks, beaches, etc, and we love Theme Parks, at least once a month you'll find us at one. Our little guy loves Alton Towers CBeebies land, and most weekends when we get in the car he says "CBeebies", sadly we have to tell him, not this weekend, but soon. My wife and I are both big movie fans, having met when we worked in a cinema, so we used to try and go to the cinema every week, sadly thats no longer an option, but we still try and catch the big releases when we can. 



What a lovely spotlight @PhoneChanger and fingers crossed you and your family can jump on a plane to Disney World in Florida again very soon! smiling

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Great spotlight @PhoneChanger 

Love that you want to take your children to Disney in Florida. We have been 4 times now and I love the place even though it's so tiring.

We actually went with friends and their children for 3 weeks on one occasion, hired a villa and a people carrier. Best thing we did was create an itinerary which we stuck to. rofl

We'd prebooked tickets for Disney and Universal Studios but it was all a bit much so we were happy enough to have a couple of days at the villa, messing about in the pool.

The last time we went we took our grandson. It was a shame that he was just below the required height for many of the big rides but even so he loved it.

Now he's 22 and over 6ft and he can't wait to go back again rofl

*The Game Is On*

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Hello @PhoneChanger
Super Spotlight
Field of Dreams movie, yay Kevin Kostner!
Still have my Sony Walkman slight_smile
Agree re: mobile phones are a necessity. I am a permanent tech novice, 12 months over contract on my Xperia L1, but won't be upgrading unless absolutely necessary.
Thank you.
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Great Spotlight and opportunity to learn more about you and your interests @PhoneChanger .

Nice to see your favourite animal is the dolphin as I adopted one through Whale & Dolphin Conservation.

I hope that you and your family get the opportunity soon to visit Disney, Florida.


Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Some people see things as they are and ask "Why?"; I dream of things that never were and ask "Why not?"
Robert Kennedy.

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Lovely to hear more about you @PhoneChanger.
I used to work at the cinema in the town I'm from - it was a Virgin Cinema when I worked there!!
I had several versions of the Walkman. Scary to think how many cassettes would fit in the storage on some phones now.

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Just to add @PhoneChanger 

Best Wishes to you, and your family & baby to be xx



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Good Morning @PhoneChanger 


May I say, if I could, I would have an iphone , ipad, and an iLap Top (if there is such a thing) slight_smile


Long before the pandemic I was minding 4 young women's belongings whilst they went to the bar to order drinks and food in the town's Wetherspoons ... they said the iphones were very easy to use ... they helped me to do a simple thing for them on my then orange Microsoft phone, which I still have, I found I liked it and of course, the colour. 


I am a permanent tech novice and if there is a way to 'jinx it' I will do so with absolutely no effort on my part LOL I will never ever be able to 'catch up'. Technology took my job as a clerk / typist / receptionist / telephonist (PABX 10 x 49 dial system)... and ... tech 'frightens' me to a greater extent lolz. However, tech is here to stay and forever developing, hopefully forwards, onwards and upwards ... that sounds like something which would currently describe Jeff Besos wink


Thank you.

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Interesting Spotlight there - I remember my one and only "walkman", thin, black, auto-reverse and probably a JVC or a Panasonic, from memory - cost me £79 from one of the high-street retailers at the time, late 80s.

Yes, the "mobile phone", or "Handi" as it is called in Germany - is everything now: camera, alarm clock, music and video centre, calendar, diary, dictaphone, compass, Sat-Nav, credit card and, just for good measure, it lets you talk to other people. Who'd'a thunk it?

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Not applicable

Great to know a little more about you @PhoneChanger .. Are you a phone changer or was that the only username you could think of at the time?

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When I first joined the community I used to change my phones quite a lot (probably every 3-6 months), now, sadly, I cannot afford that luxury, nor do I have the need to anymore....

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