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Community Spotlight: AnnieM

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Happy Friday everyone! ☀️


It's a great ending to the week as we have a new Spotlight to show you today! yahoo


You might have spotted this community member around in various topics on the Community, especially in the Priority and Off Topic boards during the past month or so. It has been awesome to be able to ask a few questions below to get to know her better.


I hope you all enjoy this spotlight as much as I enjoyed preparing it! As always, don't hesitate to ask any of your own questions too. slight_smile


Spotlight: AnnieM


What’s your name and where are you from?

Hello. I'm Annie and I live in a tiny village in Leicestershire. 


Why did you join and stay on the O2 Community?

I like forums but haven't really been on any for a while. I've been to the Community a couple of times to look things up and one day just decided to join in! It's much friendlier than many forums I've been on over the years and I like the word games, particularly the Word Diamond games.


What are your favourite snacks?

Salted crisps. Or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes without the milk. 


Do you have any pets?

I have a cat. Typical of the tortoiseshell breed, she's nuts. 


Which famous person (living or dead) would you like to have a conversation with?

Can I only pick one? I'd like to hang out with the Impressionist painters in 19th century France. Some of my favourite paintings are from the Impressionists, who were amongst the first painters to have the luxury of premixed paints rather than having to make their own, so it would be interesting to chat about their opinions on these new paints and about the controversy that their work created in its time.


What do you do in your spare time when you're not on the O2 community?

My Kindle is probably my best value-for-money purchase ever as I read a lot. I also like to play Xbox, paint portraits and listen to music. 


What do you like to watch on TV?

Police prodedural/crime solving type dramas are my favourites and I love the Scandinavian ones. I also enjoy art programmes, both documentaries and competitions such as the Portrait/Landscape Artist of the Year. And I'm a big Walking Dead fan. 


Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

All of them! Coffee at work, Earl Grey tea at home and a hot chocolate in the evening. I could take any of them in a cafe situation, depending on if and what I am eating. 


Which time of the year (summer, autumn, winter, spring) do you love most and why?

Autumn is my favourite. I don't like too much sun, nor do I like deep winter, but the inbetween, when it's starting to chill, can feel cosy and comforting (and perfect for an evening hot chocolate laughing ). The colours that trees produce during the autumn are wonderful; it's a very pretty season. 


What mobile phone are you currently using and what do you like about it?

I used to be a bit of a phone geek and went through a a few 'classics': several Nokias including the 7600, 8110, N95, 7610; Motorola Razr V3 in hot pink; a Sony Ericsson K750i and W810i; a Sharp GX30 ...

Today, I have a Samsung S10e. Having used recent editions of Android OS and iOS, I prefer Android but can't really say why. My last couple of phones have also been Samsung and they've been the first models I have found to really last the length of a contract without feeling like they were worn out or dated and left me counting down to upgrade time. I'm all for reliability over funky designs these days. 



Thanks a lot for answering our questions @AnnieM ! Awesome to know a bit more about you and hope to keep seeing you around on the community. slight_smile



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Welcome Welcome

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Hi @AnnieM and welcome. A great spotlight, lovely to find out more about you.

I live in Nuneaton so not far from you....


I also have a torty cat, though she's my second one and nothing like my first (Mollie) She's frightened of her brother (Gizmo) who is a ginger bully!! Prefers to be inside and is terrible at scratching wallpaper. (despite the fact I have 5 scratching posts around the house!! )


Summer is my favourite season, mainly for the light mornings and evenings.


Are you still working? If so what do you do? (You needn't answer that, I'm just being nosey) LOL


Anyway, it's lovely to have you here. You will notice some of us are quite mad....Who's there?

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Hi @AnnieM . A great Spotlight. It`s nice to learn a little bit more about you.

In the short time you have been with us in the Community, you seem to have settled in and it is nice to know that, like me when I joined back in February this year, you have found this forum friendly and, as you will no doubt find, some of us do let our mad sense of humour run riot LOL


Thanks for the mention of the Word Hunt Diamond game. I know that you are a keen participant and you have found some obscure words in the games, so I was wondering whether you are a keen reader and if so what sort of books you prefer? Wave


Girl in a jacket

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Welcome @AnnieM
I'm new too this year. Great o2 community forum very welcoming. Join in when I can.
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Hi @AnnieM and welcome to the forum.


Good spotlight and nice to find out a bit about you.

We'll probably bump into each other during some of the future word games.


Enjoy your time here.  thumbsup  grin


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A tiny village in Leicestershire, hmm? That rounds it down a bit LOL


And a worthy quiz opponent in @Mi-Amigo's fantastically devious quizzes too 👍


Welcome to the forum, @AnnieM 


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A great spotlight @AnnieM  which you soon got suckered into rofl

Nice to know more about you too smiling


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Welcome to the forum and yay a fellow Xbox player were like the only 2 here lol
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Interesting spotlight @AnnieM
Welcome look forward to joining in with you in off topics


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