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Samsung S21

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I have just received my .   of a Samsung S21.  I was very disappointed to find out that it did not come with a charger and had to purchase one separately at my own cost.  I feel that selling a phone without a charger is selling something which is not fit for purpose. No charger means you cannot use the phone.


Apart from that, I have tried to connect the phone via Bluetooth to my car.  I had no problems with my A10 but with this one, even with bluetooth turned on on the phone and on my car, my car is saying "device not found" and on the actual phone, it is asking for a 4 letter code which it says will probably be 0000 or 1234 (neither of which works anyway.


I have tried to call 02 which is like trying to plait fog. I just cannot get through to anyone. It would be nice to be able to speak to an actual person rather than a machine.

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Seems like you've asked this question here a number of times, @Norah - and your problem is unlikely to draw much response from O2, you may be better off searching for answers on forums related to the make and model of your car rather than the network on which you the phone is operated.


It could be that the Bluetooth system in your car doesn't recognise your phone because the phone is so new.


It is unusual that a phone won't pair with a car at all. Are you 100% certain you are following the procedure? Instructions in the car's manual may not work if the car is a second-owner vehicle and has been programmed away from the default PIN. Can you connect your phone to another phone via bluetooth?


It might even be the case that there is an upgrade to the bluetooth software for your car but you would need to contact your garage to discuss this.


Good luck!


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