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O2 VR Viewer

by on ‎30-07-2016 10:35 - last edited on ‎18-01-2017 11:09 by Community Manager (6,171 Views)

I need to make this clear.  I've never made a pizza box in my life, although I have eaten the contents (entirely without help) on several occassions. I'm not ashamed.  Now that the disclaimer is complete, I need to explain that this week I was literally inundated with a letter from Mr Martin of Wivenhoe-Too. Real place, near Colchester.  Look it up.  The letter said as follows:

Dear Mr DaddyDoink

I want to view the world in 3D.  Be a dear?  


p.s. loved you on Channel 4 - never knew you could do that sort of stunt in a wheelchair


Well, who am I to say no?  I had just the device to hand and I got to work immediately... after I had drank my coffee and done some work.  To pass some time, watch this video on YouTube a moment whilst I finish this email.... should take about 3 minutes.


So, this is the O2 VR Viewer.  It's environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and can be easily gifted at Christmas.  I've ordered 10 already.  It comes in two forms - flat and squashed.  In order to get it set up, you do need some skills.  I've photographed my efforts as follows:


Step 1:

Look at your box

Step 2:
Open the box


Step 3:
Read the instructions


Step 4:
Fold some bits over


Step 5:
Make yourself some lunch to go inside

Step 6:
Try not to get distracted with the instructions


Step 7:
Finish the folding


Step 8:
Add your smartphone


Step 9:
Watch a movie in your new 3D viewer... here is what I watched through my left eye:


on ‎30-07-2016 10:44

OK - so I wrote the post and then it didn't insert this:

on ‎30-07-2016 11:05

haha awesome. I always love reading your reviews Smiley Happy

on ‎30-07-2016 11:12


Carry On 


‎30-07-2016 11:20 - edited ‎01-08-2016 09:28

Haha thanks for this @Daddydoink. We could perhaps use this as a semi-instruction guide Smiley Wink


Did you use the headset for any VR apps?

on ‎30-07-2016 11:23

I did use my Lumia 950 which was quite cool - however, I've not (yet) filmed in 3D... I might do that later though.



on ‎30-07-2016 20:11

Re: my post above att I was chuckling ... att the vid wouldn't work ... now I'm Smiley Embarassed ... my apologies offerred


I've just watched the vid about GB Rio Paralympians ... & ... luv luv luv it ... = ... got a bit tearful tbh ... I prefer wheelchair basketball to the 'other' type, its much more watchable for an eg


@Daddydoink you have a great soh ... & ... may I ask if you play sport or dance?


I've seen wheelchair users dancing together many years ago at Harrogate Intercon disco, up upon the high circular dance area that takes confidence to go there & strut your stuff, the people in their wheelchairs were jiving / rock n rolling together Dance Dance

on ‎01-08-2016 09:29

Hi @Daddydoink,

Are the instruction for constructing the headset easy to follow? Would you suggest anything to add that would help others?

on ‎09-09-2016 18:22

I got 3/4 of the way into assembling ... then got stuck ... learning from the Big Boys 3 x pix I took with my Microsoft Nokia 640 lte at key stages of assembling the cardboard VR headseat ... ... ... clearly my days of making a rocket out of a tube of Fairly Liquid & tin foil ... = ... have got lost in the Annals of Time 


I can pack this back up & post to you foc if you want to have a play with one