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My new Note 4

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Hi all

I got my new note 4 yesterday so thought I would do a new phone unboxing / setup post. 

The unboxing part was pretty straight forward. Phone, fast charger, headphones and instructions. The only thing I had to look at closely was the tool for removing the s pen nibs and the replacement nibs. Once I figured out what that was I moved onto the phone. 

New to android I had already in preparation made a Google account. 

Ran through setup and also took the time here to sign up with Samsung so I could get the extra options for the camera app. 

Been using the phone for just over a day now.  Here are my thoughts. 

Quite a bit of time spent customising the phone.  That includes setting wallpaper, removing the flipboard swipe, removing all widgets and adding a second screen with my wanted shortcuts. I also imported the mp3 ringtones I  like to have via USB. At this point this new phone and new operating system (new to me coming from wp 8.1) started to feel like my device which is a nice place to reach. 

Signed into my Microsoft live account to get my contact list back.  There was quite a bit of clearing up to do with the contacts as I think it must have also read some from the sim card which meant removing old ones and duplicates. After I cleared that up though my contacts with their pictures where all there. 

Nice apps in the play store and coming from a windows phone it's nice to have sky go finally!  After having a quick play with OK Google I have now turned it off in the hope it will save some battery. 

I have turned on swipe and predictive text on the keyboard which works great.  I have set up the fingerprint scanner and use that to sign into the phone.  Works well.  It's the first phone I have had with a fingerprint scanner so don't have anything to compare it to! 

Being new the android meant googling a few things like how to close running apps (recent app list then swipe, or use clear all button) and simple other things. Not really a problem though. 

Hardware wise the phone does seem pretty solid. Sometimes after reading so many reviews of something it can get built up so much that the reality would never meet the hype.  On the whole though it does seem very good. I am still learning some tricks though which are making it even better.  Turning off shortcut key in s voice makes the home button a lot quicker.  I am going through the battery pretty quick but the phone is getting a lot of use at the moment and I under stand it can take a few cycles to reach its peak. 

I haven't really tried out the camera properly yet or the s pen. 

My s view case and Samsung EVO memory card arrive Monday to compete the setup. 

The O2 shop were good with me.  When I highlighted the price difference between o2 and other stores the manager knocked the £30 upfront cost off. Only a little discount but enough to keep me happy! 

On the whole this wasn't just a new phone setup - it was a change of phone OS, and from that point of view android can be quite a lot to take in. However a day spent playing goes a long way to tame the beast! 

In closing the Note 4 is what I am looking for. A small tablet for the Web and email, a media player for TV, movies and YouTube, a point and shoot camera for the family and to top it all it makes phone calls.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.