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Microsoft Band 1 #trythetech

by โ€Ž12-06-2016 13:53 - edited โ€Ž18-01-2017 11:10 (6,638 Views)

I joined in the Try-The-Tech (TTT) programme for the 1st time on the latest round of loaned devices. I've been thinking about the possibility of using a smart-watch so opted to try the Microsoft Band.


I'm really glad I've given one a test run, as it's made up my mind not to buy one ๐Ÿ˜ณ


So here goes, my first attempt at a review for TTT.


Upon arrival the Microsoft Band comes in a neat box, with the band and it's usb charging cable (no plug). The only instructions are a little sticker saying to plug it in to turn it on. Once plugged in a message pops up telling u to download the the Microsoft health app. From there you sync the device to your phone, which in my case is an iPhone 6s.


After I'm all setup, I immediately started to look at how to send a text... That's a no go as you can't send a text, you can read incoming texts by pressing the action button, and they're displayed one word at a time until the entire text has scrolled passed. It's quite disconcerting and for me was not much use.


Next I tried the calling feature, which doesn't allow you to initiate a call, or in fact receive one. All it does is vibrate to let u know your phone is ringing, so once again no real use to me! It does however notify you of missed calls by displaying a number next to the phone icon, still not of any much use imo.


As I'm not a person that does any running or dedicated exercise routines, I didn't get the chance to track any physical activity so can't really comment on that side of the band's performance. It's probably in hindsight what the band is made for, rather than the calls and texts function I was hoping to see.


What i did however discover was the band's sleep tracking function, which was a bit of a eye opener. I'm an insomniac so I know that my typical nights sleep attempts are massively interrupted, but I didn't realise I was waking upwards of 15 times per night and sometimes a lot more. It said that on average I had about 15 minutes of restful sleep and about 3hrs of light sleep. It's something that I'll now look into further, and hopefully train my body to rest more effectively in future.


So that's it, that's my round-up of the Microsoft Band 1. 


Thanks @Toby, for the opportunity of trying the tech and I'll keep an eye out for other opportunities.



by Anonymous
on โ€Ž12-06-2016 15:01

A very nice review @gindygoo maybe consider an Apple Watch or a gear S2

on โ€Ž12-06-2016 15:20

Nice honest review @gindygoo. (I could see you weren't too impressed though)

I bought the Sony Smartwatch 3 for my husband....I wasnt sure he even wanted one (a bit old school)

He loves it. Oh I have an email, says he. Oh look a text just came in...Oh I have walked 3 steps today (exaggeration but you get my meaning Charlie) Smiley Wink

It was @viridis's review that convinced me to get it...


on โ€Ž12-06-2016 16:06

Nice impartial review. Notcfor me either by the way.I don't really need my watch or wristband to tell me if I slept well, I have a nag who tells me LOL

My S2 Gear does all that and I must admit I've taken a bigger interest in exercise and heart rate since I got it. It becomes second nature after a while so maybe no bad thing.

on โ€Ž12-06-2016 22:23

I was trying to be impartial @jonsie so I'm glad it came across that way. Tbh though I did overestimate the wristbands capabilities before I trialled it, and I'm sure the disappointment was visible in the writeup. 


It was a good thing for me to have tried it, as it's saved me buying another gadget that'll languish in a drawer ๐Ÿ™ƒ



on โ€Ž12-06-2016 23:12

I always say the best reviews are written by people like yourself who have no loyalty to any particular brand. They are a true reflection of how you, as an individual,  find they apply to you. I would far rather choose a product from something reviewed by a genuine user. Not someone employed by tech magazine (who often have hidden agendas)

I admire honesty @gindygoo

on โ€Ž13-06-2016 00:50

Hi @gindygoo

enjoyed your TTT review

I was particularly interested when you mentioned the sleep monitoring part of the smartwatch ... ... ... I don't sleep well, It'd be good to really know the quality or lack of sleep I get 

only yesterday my next door neighbour remarked we'd had a humungous thunder & lightening storm during the night very recently ... well ... I don't remember it ... so possibly I was zonked out with good sleep att Don't know

as said above  ^  ^  ^  you've told it like you found it Thanks!

on โ€Ž13-06-2016 08:01

@WispaRed7 it's interesting to see exactly how interrupted a restless night actually is. 


@Cleoriff ๐Ÿ˜ƒ thanks, I'm glad it came across as honest.


And yes those tech mags reviews are often swayed by how much money changes hands!!

on โ€Ž13-06-2016 11:48
Nice review, don't you have access to the blog section? Thought the TTT reviews were too be blogs now.

After my band trial I did decide to get one as it was only ยฃ40, and I've used it everyday since. Despite my reservations, the cost won out in the end lol.
on โ€Ž13-06-2016 11:56
wow, that was cheap @Curr946!
where and how did you manage that?
on โ€Ž13-06-2016 12:05
EBay, the guy bought it but didn't like it and wanted rid. And with the band two now on sale should push down the price again.
on โ€Ž13-06-2016 12:16

@Curr946 wrote:
Nice review, don't you have access to the blog section? Thought the TTT reviews were too be blogs now.

This is my fault @Curr946. I'm working with each TTT review author to get their reviews on there.

@gindygoo, I'll PM you soon. Lovely job on this review!


By the way guys, blogs comments are now open and welcome Smiley Happy

by Community Manager
on โ€Ž20-06-2016 12:19

@gindygoo Great review here! Really enjoyed your insights about the sleep tracking. Very interesting stuff! 

on โ€Ž20-06-2016 12:26
Thanks @Martin-O2 it was a shock to me how many times I woke and total sleep time throughout the night...

I've still to decide on how to use the info to try and rectify my terrible sleep patterns though ๐Ÿ™„ do for now I'll continue as is.
by Community Manager
on โ€Ž20-06-2016 14:27

@gindygoo wrote:
Thanks @Martin-O2 it was a shock to me how many times I woke and total sleep time throughout the night...

I've still to decide on how to use the info to try and rectify my terrible sleep patterns though ๐Ÿ™„ do for now I'll continue as is.

Yeah you must be waking without remembering it in the morning. Hopefully the insight the band gave you with your sleeping patterns will help you get a bit more rest.