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I wonder if u can help,

I'm finding it hard to find out when i can upgrade my pay monthly phone. I know it should be in the next couple of months however when i can on the link to upgrade and input my details it only comes up saying 'there is nothing associated with this account'

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Re: Upgrading

It should look like this when you first log into My02

My tariff summary
You can manage your tariff online

My tariff name

O2 600 24 month Bonus

Length of contract

24 months

Monthly charge


Contract renewal date

7th August 2013

Looking for an upgrade?

You get 1 month early upgrade so you’ll be able to upgrade on 8th July 2013.

If it doesn't then you need to contact o2 direct on 202 free from your mobile who will A) be able to tell you your upgrade date B) sort out why it is not showing on your account.

You could also try using the Live chat function on the website.