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Unintentional data usage

I'm bothered about data usage that I have'nt had the benefit of. I get 500 MB each month but in Spain a few weeks ago I had to top up with 2 lots of 500 MB more, much of which was 'accidental'.


In the normal course of events back home I often open the phone out of a WiFi area, only to find Safari or another App open, that I didn't purposely open. That's a problem with touch screens I guess. And I imagine that would be draining away my data in the background without my intention.


Is there a solution to this ? Are other users affected ?

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Re: Unintentional data usage


Background data used unintentionally is often only low volume and is nothing to worry about.

If you double press your home button, you will see all apps open and you can swipe up to close them. This way you can ensure you don't have any apps open that you don't need anyway.

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Re: Unintentional data usage

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@davowolf  500 MB is a pretty small amount these days. It will never get you very far, particularly if you have apps updating in the background. You need to keep your mobile data completely switched off and just use WiFi where you can.

Edit: Take a look at this link: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Tips-to-avoid-unexpected-charges-on-your-bill/ba-p/12182...