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Service failure

I have now had no service for two days. Yesterday I contacted the Guru team and was told it was a local mast not working. I then heard its a national failure. This morning it appeared service had resumned only to find as soon as I try to call anyone I am not able to or receive calls! 

I have logged onto 02 after attempting to call from a landline, and there is no service available. No message or apology from 02 which just confirms the contempt this organisation has for its customers. 

I have been with 02 for many years, this is the final straw. Not happy at all. 

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Re: Service failure

Hi @Steveo


Please note the thread here


which contains all posts on this subject.

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Re: Service failure

Hi @Steveo, and thanks for your comments. As @Glory1 mentioned, we have an official topic about issues with the network so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one please. Please use this thread to find out our latest updates and share your feedback. 




The community team. 

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