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SIM only tariffs

I am on the 5GB tariff at the moment but going abroad for 3 weeks and will need more data. What is the best option? If i upgrade to a better tariff can I downgrade once I return?

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Re: SIM only tariffs



Hi, if you are on a 12 month contract you won't be able to downgrade again unless you pay it off, if you are on a rolling 30 day term you can but I believe it's subject to 30 days notice.

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Re: SIM only tariffs


Yes, you can downgrade again when you return, provided that your original contract tariff is still available and you must not go below what your original tariff was.

Enjoy your trip.

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Re: SIM only tariffs

Hope you have a good trip abroad @bromley47 ! Which country are you going to visit? Smiley Happy

Hope the above info helps, and let us know if you have any additional questions the community could advice you with.

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