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Retuen upgrade question

Hi all.

I was on a refresh deal with a phone. Paid it off and upgraded to a new phone.

However i want to pick something else so have just had a bag come to post it back.

When it gets returned do i get put back on my old deal with no device plan left to pay so can just log on and upgrade like normal to a different phone?

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Re: Retuen upgrade question

Yes that’s correct although you will have to wait for it to be scanned in and for your MyO2 to update to show you eligible to upgrade.
This usually takes about a week but you might want to chase customer service up to make sure it’s being dealt with.
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Re: Retuen upgrade question

@mobilemandanO2 give you a 14 day cooling off period so as long as it's returned within that time, then yes you are free to chose another phone and tariff


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