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O2 Open Scheme



My brother works for Waitrose and has given me an O2 open discount code. I was told by an online advisor that you can buy a phone online and then take it in-store and apply the discount then. Has anyone else done this or know that this is definitely the case?

If it can be done then can it also be combined with a cashback service such as quidco?


If anyone has experience with this it would be really useful as I've never used this discount before and don't want to mess it up!

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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Re: O2 Open Scheme

I would guess as nobody has replied to your post that it is unknown, it is something I have bever heard of so I hope somebody knows the answer.


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Re: O2 Open Scheme

Go to o2opn.co.uk and apply there. Waitrose will have a discount I imagine - they love their staff and ronan said they were the epitome of good customer service.

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