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Hi I know I'm stupid but over 15 months ago I got a call from a nice guy and after pestering I agreed to 8.00 a month sim only knowing I could cancel as he was persistent. I don't check my bank but someone did today and realised I'm paying 10.97.
I never wanted this and after many hospital trips I don't need it. Is there anyway of cancelling early as first of all I was lied to. Yes I'm an idiot but honestly forgot about it until someone told me the sim had arrived so they set it up for me thinking they were doing a favour.
I'm going out of my mind as next bill the money won't be in as its empty. And I don't have an overdraft.
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Re: Ending

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Hi @Ending

You can cancel early, but you will have to pay the outstanding part of your contract


A lesson learnt the hard way, never ever take out a contract from a cold call. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is...

Edited to ask, how long is this sim only contract? O2's are 30 days or 12 months. You say you have been paying for 15months? Who did you take the contract with?

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Re: Ending

@Ending You will have to pay the remainder of any contract to cancel it. If you don't it will negatively impact your credit rating.


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Re: Ending

Most likely an Aerial direct business SIM only plan.
The £8 figure has magically jumped to £10.97 due to vat which they don't mention as "hey, screw you we sell business plans" plus usual February price increase.

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Re: Ending

Definitely a business contract, either with Aerial or one of the other predators out there preying on the vulnerable or elderly. Complete bustards!