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Repeatedly asked to confirm age when using the Internet via mobile

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I am sick to death with being asked for my credit card details as proof of age each & every time i go into 1 of my chat sites. I have resolved this matter numerous times before. I have had 2 Brain Ops, have 2 Brain Tumours & do this has a distraction from pain. Whenever i try 2 talk 2 a human being, itseither its out of hours OR we cant understand each others accents. I am well & truly disgusted, annoyed & think with it being the 21century, that things like this would be dealt with rather than go thro this each & everytime!!!!

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Re: Repeatedly asked to confirm age when using the Internet via mobile

Some help and advice from o2 here https://www.o2.co.uk/help/safety-and-security/age-restricted-content-and-age-verification
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