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RIP June Whitfield

Ab Fab's Dame June Whitfield dies aged 93 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46712694

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

R.I.P Dame June.

You were a very funny lady and a brilliiant actress heart

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

Such a shame, just got the news flash on my phone. She was a big part o my childhood viewing. RIP

Actress Dame June Whitfield, known for her roles in sitcoms Terry and June and Absolutely Fabulous, has died aged 93

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

A good innings tho frowning2


I love Terry & June

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

I saw her at some event or function recently, too, on the TV... and this article in The Daily Wail recently.


Another talent snuffed out, 2018's been a hard one!


RIP Dame June!

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

Loved her in everything she was in. She was a very talented lady who could make you cry with laughter or just cry. Sad loss. We've lost a lot of talented people this year.


RIP June Whitfield

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

Sad to hear June Whitfield has passed away Smiley Sad

I first remember her in Terry & June

Very funny lady

June Whitfield RIP

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Re: RIP June Whitfield

A very sad loss. I loved watching June Whitfield in Terry & June.


RIP June and thanks for all the smiles