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Re: Point scoring

It's a subject that members feel strongly about but rather than cause ill feelings I think much is best less said.

All I would say is that members need to just think what they are typing, simply putting things across correctly and not stepping over people who have enough personal issues without being upset by what they read.

Point scoring I think is putting it a little strong. Just think before posting in haste to beat a fictional clock. It isn't necessary to step on and bruise those with other issues to worry about.

Life is too short and can change for the worse in an instant. Something happens or you get some really life changing news. Some of us stay here posting. It's been for me certainly, a lifeline to keep in touch with the outside world whilst lying in a hospital bed in a foreign land. We stay for all sorts of reasons. Ill feeling we can do without.

We are all friends on here ...aren't we?

Many of us go back years and yes, we all have off-days. Something easily written can stick in your memory but we haven't changed as people even though our circumstances can change I like to think that we are ALL still friends. Let's ALL remain friends without any personal comments.

The biggest Olive branch I can find to absolutely everyone rainbow


I do hope this thread stays on here. I've put my own personal feelings for all to see. I've gone through periods when I've stopped posting because of my own demons and because this was becoming an even more depressing place. Now we have a lot of new members posting regularly. It has been a change for the better. Let's not lose any more regulars.

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Re: Point scoring

Some wise words on here, & a joke too. Result!
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Re: Point scoring

Well said as always jonsie.
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