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Inter Planetary Internet

Perhaps we could send Robot Engineers to another planet, and they could build the Internet on that planet, where we could store any DATA that was really old, or it could just be built on Mars, and when people actually reach Mars the Internet would all b eready to go.

Do you think that NASA could build a robot, or series of robots who could build the Internet?

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Re: Inter Planetary Internet

Hmmm. Wouldn't take much to be honest. That type of thing is already in place - checkout what Microsoft did with submerging a container though not exactly original as Sun Microsystems were doing Datacentres in a box a decade before. Even now that concept is being sold as a viable data storage transfer option by Amazon (AWS Snowmobile). 


So the real question is for off-world use is


a) how do you transport the equipment and data without it being irradiated during travel. Radiation kills components especially integrated circuits. Lets not forget landing on Mars isn't particularly successful. 

b) how do you power a massive datacentre off-world continuously and develop disaster recovery procedures (every Mars sci-fi movie is a disaster movie so thats a must)

c) exactly how many cat videos...

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Re: Inter Planetary Internet

Great to see you back @sheepdog. Lovely to hear you talking about cat videos again. LOL Hero

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Re: Inter Planetary Internet

Really pleased to see you back posting @sheepdog smiling