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Amazon are getting cheeky, watch out for this

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I ordered a replacement shower hose but when it arrived I remembered I actually bought the last one from B&Q so am going to send it back.


The nearest thing to me was my phone so tapped the Amazon app (I do sometimes do a bit of shopping during my lunchbreak which is why I have it installed)


Tapped through to the order and tapped return, by virtue of the fact I was trying to carry out the return from the app they think they can deduct anything up to £6 quid from the refund for shipping costs because not many people take advantage of Google Cloud Print or the HP Print Service I guess even though I'll have to drop it at the Post Office.


So I back out and go to my PC.


I do the same via the site and shipping cost is nothing so I go through and all it prints is a QR code for them to scan at the Post Office.


Bloody cheek!


I have a theory that once they've seen off all the competition in the markets they choose to enter, Jeff Bezos and co will jack up the prices massively.


Looks like they are taking advantage of the smartphone revolution already.

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Thanks for the heads up @Anonymous 

On the rare occasion I have to return anything to Amazon I do it all via PC anyway, so never experienced this problem. wink

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