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β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ A short summer walk along the Leeds Liverpool Canal πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ

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Summer on the community


Old and new Yorkstone paving on the canal towpath


Large trees lining the opposite side of the canal, predominantly sycamore.


Old and new Hawthorn hedge with two flocks of sparrows which I feed and the tame male blackbird

Colourful artwork on the narrow and wide berth boats ... my favourite is 'Shady Lady' in carmine red and rich cream livery. Artwork is a woman in 1950's style strapless bathing suit. Her hair is in a ponytail with fringe. She is in a reclining position with white ballet pumps on her feet.


Plenty of wooden seats on which to rest awhile.


Joggers and runners with their personal music ... cyclists by themselves or in family groups ... walkers in their professional looking apparel ... family groups with babies in buggies. 


The old Dewhirst Mill converted into council offices and apartments ... if you or your mum sewed with Sylko thread it would have been spun there in days gone by.


The park swing bridge is where you have a choice: left to where you can enjoy a drink ... centre to carry on walking ... right to the town park where there is an ice cream cabin.


Feeding the ducks and this year the swans have raised a brood of 11 cygnets.


Today I shall have a 99. 


See the source image


The picture shows the permanent moorings to the left ... Dewhirst's Mill, now called Belle Vue ... and towpath to the right.

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Looks great @Anonymous. Lovely history about Dewhurst Mill.

When I lived in Coventry, we had the Coventry canal at the top of our street. It was great seeing the narrowboats along there and mooring at Sutton Stop.

Rays family worked on the boats in the day they used horses and transported coal.

His Grandad had the very first diesel boat.

*The Game Is On*

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Lovely pictures in my mind from your writings @Anonymous
Sylko thread always in the sewing box.
I lived for a while in Marple Bridge, Cheshire. It has canal locks, a flight of 16 locks at Marple one of the steepest flights in Britain. Hard work for the boats but so interesting. Dewhurst Mill really good it incorporates homes as well as offices.
Pretty photo and lovely to hear about little sparrows.

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Thank you @Cleoriff and @TallTrees for your interesting info

Just to say the picture isn't a photo of mine it's off Google.

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Nice to see the canals and read more about them @Anonymous 

I always wanted to go on a canal barge holiday when I was younger but sadly never did and now I`m too old and not well enough.

That said, it is still great to see the lovely photos of the canals and barges where you are.

Thank you for an interesting topic.


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Great post @Anonymous! It reads like a poem. smiling

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Thank you @Mi-Amigo and @Martin-O2 for your kind comments


Today I saw something never before ... a grandad and grandson playing cards whilst settled on a canalside bench.

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A sign of the summer turning to autumn - the canal boats having their heating on, the smell of woodsmoke tells me autumn will be here soon - some of the boats have full central heating - these would be usually the wide-berth boats although the narrow boats generally would have a central form of heating, some using anthracite?

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The leaves are falling from the trees here....but that could possibly just be the strong wind!
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