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Network Support - LE67 1AJ - O2 reply = 07/01/2021

I am having genuine network issues for phone/text/data at my home address.  Having finally got fed up with it (plus now having to work from home with lockdown) I went on the web-site and checked the network status, again, and referred it.  The engineers came back to me on Thursday and advised that there are no network issues and referred me to the Guru's and the Forum. 


I have tried everything possible to resolve this myself.  I use an Iphone 11, I've completely reset that as well as my broadband router, I've enabled Wifi calling.  For the most part if I am close to the router I can get one bar but any phone calls always drop out, even with Wifi calling active which is no use at all working from home. 


What makes this so very frustrating is my wife has the same handset and is with Vodafone (her work phone) and has very few connection issues.  My children both have iphones and are on Three and have no problems, save for one room in the house where the signal is much weaker.  I've tried my SIM card in their handsets, becuase they're not locked to the network provider, and it's exactly the same.  


I switched away from Three as OFCOM Coverage Checker said that O2 had the best network coverage for the postcode, and O2 assure me there is nothing wrong with network coverage, but you'lll appreciate that that is scant consolation when you're paying for a service that you can't use because you aren't getting the published coverage. 

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Re: Network Support - LE67 1AJ - O2 reply = 07/01/2021

@Network_Issues If you're having the issue with your sim in another phone, then it might just be a problem with the sim. You would need to call customer service to request a new sim, then do a swap to see if that resolves the issue.

SIM Swap: a mini guide (incl eSim) - O2 Community



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Re: Network Support - LE67 1AJ - O2 reply = 07/01/2021

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.  Sadly my signal isn't strong enough to ring O2 so I'm trying to trawl around the website to find out how I might get a replacement SIM to try this out. 

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Re: Network Support - LE67 1AJ - O2 reply = 07/01/2021


Numbers to call here 

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