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Issue with apps closing

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I use to have an Iphone XR for about 2 years and towads the end when I would be on an app like a game or tiktok/facebook ect and I would be scrolling the app would just close, when I go back on the app it would be exactly where I left it, I decided to upgrade my phone two months early and I got an Iphone 12 and transfer all my stuff across and its exactly like my other phone in the contents this was yesterday I though the reason the XR was doing it was due to storage so I got double to storage and data with my new phone. However I was doing my thing and scrolling through facebook and it did it, the app closed and I opened it and it was doing exactly the same as the XR was doing? Obviously it is very hard to film it doing this as I have no idea what is causing it or when it was going to happen. Does anyone have any ideas? 


Thank you 

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O2 Support
O2 Support
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Hi @Lauren12 

If you search up what you are experaining it seems a number of people say they are having this issue, what causes it is unknown so I don't know what is causing your issue but I am thinking did the issue move over with the restore and will help rule things out:-

Can you please check the following have been done:-

  • Apps have been updated
  • Device has been restarted.
  • Device has the lastest iOS software.
  • Check the reviews of the App to make sure it's not a developer issue with the current iOS

Other things you can try removing the app and re-downloading it.


If all has failed you might need to reset your phone back factory settings if you are going to do this please make sure your data is backed up photos should be backed up in photos if you have enough icloud data otherwise use a service like Google Photos.

Once the phone is back on after the factory reset, sign in with Apple ID but do not restore from backup. The phone will then come back on assigned to your Apple ID so you will have access to your data stored in iCloud such photos, mail, address book, notes but you will lose everything else.

You will have to re-download apps and sign back in to accounts. (If you are using Apple Keychian your usernames and passwords should auto populate once signed in with Apple ID).


If you don't feel you want to do this, book an appoiment with your local O2 Guru store and see the O2 Guru who will be happy to help. 


Hope this adivce helps. Have a nice afternoon. 

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