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Cruise Liners / Aircraft Charges

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I see many posts on here regarding the cost of Cruise Liners or Aircraft charges when using phones.


Other posts are, well it was a European Network shown on the bill which should be included etc.


Let me try to explain and put myths to sleep.


When you are connecting to a Maritime or Aircraft Network, you are connecting to a satellite-based system network.

there are no Mobile masts in the middle or the sea or air,  but the networks you connect to is normally an extension of another network. Normally an EU one, so you may see Iceland appear on your bill for example. (but you was never near Iceland.)


But because you are using a Satelite network, you will be charged differently,  this is not O2 or any other Uk network fault.


you can not expect the same charges or free roaming when there is a huge cost to place equipment on ships and planes.  So the cost is passed partly to you when you use data, calls and SMS.


I was connected to Onair with Virgin Atlantic.  This is a Swiz based network, but because I'm in the air, it's not covered by EU roaming or travelling. It's covered by the Satelite system so charges are a lot more.


if you don't want to have charges on sea or air, then turn the phone off or place it in flight mode.  If you need to make calls or send SMS, then make sure data roaming is off.


but all charges will be high no matter what, so don't expect free or cheap anything when on ships or in the air.