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iPhone 11 v iPhone 11 pro

Can anyone tell me what the 11 pro would give me over the 11? I’m going on a safari in South Africa and want to know if the extra zoom functions would be ideal or not worth the extra money. Thanks.
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Re: iPhone 11 v iPhone 11 pro

Well @LeeW
I am a techy nerd but I read those reviews thoroughly, you asked for an opinion so here is mine. iphone 11 pro.
1. Better build especially for your needs stainless steel middle which is stronger, difficult terrain on safari
2. AMOLED better than LCD screen
3. Zoom function for photos on safari, it is a great additional feature.
There are other facilities on the pro but these would swing it for me bearing in mind your special requirements.
Those comparison links put up by @Bambino were superb👍
Enjoy which ever phone you decide to buy and have a great safari.
Best wishes TallTrees 😁

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Re: iPhone 11 v iPhone 11 pro

@LeeW  I hope all the info above helped you get a better idea of the device - did you make a decision?


Your trip sounds incredibly exciting, I'd love to know where you're going and for how long! Smiley Happy

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