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Unlock code speedy success story!

So i finally got my S9+ on Saturday, but it was locked to o2. There was a bit of faff trying to get the SIM registered on Sunday/Monday but yesterday at 1036 I asked customer services (by phone) to unlock the phone. I was on the phone for less than 3 minutes.
They gave me the usual spiel about taking up to 7 days waiting..
Fast forward 42 minutes and I receive an email with the code!

After the last few months.. i thought I'd report this amazingly fast service!

42 minutes!
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Re: Unlock code speedy success story!

Yeah my experience has been good with unlocking,
6 minutes once

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Re: Unlock code speedy success story!

It all started to go pear shaped when O2 started to sell all phones unlocked. It was as if they had no time for already locked phones, which is why @EmilieT was called on to help.


Seems to be sorted now though. Well done @Anonymous

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Re: Unlock code speedy success story!

That's awesome @Anonymous, good to hear it all went so smoothly - thanks for sharing smiley

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